12 Hours Of... - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

12 Hours Of…

Gymnastics Strength Training over the weekend

It’s been fantastic to say the least.

Now there were many new exercises and techniques I learnt,

And there were more things I had done previously

But the difference in refreshing my movements, and the smallest of adjustments of the BASICS

Made a monumental difference to my whole movement

And this is the power of a coach

And the power of an expert who can move you to achieve your best

And remind you of when you need to step up

As well as when to slow down

To achieve more from your efforts

Most people go too hard too FAST

Without a solid foundation

This only leads to frustration and most likely injury

Choose exercises that humble you

Exercises that help you better yourself


Because through consistent effort of the “correct” movement

Your effort will pay off.

This means you can train for longer throughout life

And actually enjoy the process

Do you know what that means...


Ones you are proud of

Ones that last

Ones that aren’t ruined by a holiday

Or random over indulgence

When you build resilience in mind and body.

You become something special


You are special.

But becoming a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday is great and leads to greater happiness in life.

Want to explore your best self?

Get involved in our way of training and living life.

It’s an amazing journey.

Don’t be afraid to dip your toe in

Because with that first dip

You feel it’s not scary

In fact

You want to go deeper

Not just a foot

You want to jump all in

And with that willingness to let go

And put your trust into the process

You are rewarded with the results you want

Stay on the edge though,

Look at the water

Think about jumping in

Well that does nothing

Be courageous

Let’s go...

Get in touch and let’s open up a whole new world for you.

And dive right in.

All the best

Sam ‘all in’ Stocks

Ps. When you go all in. The focus. The energy. The drive you have. Yeah. It’s something special. See you on the other side.

Sam Stocks