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Wiped out with ZERO motivation...There are 2 Choices.


For the modern woman


Life has so many aspects


You’re juggling many plates








Your health


and many other things


Its energy zapping most of the time


And its EASY to get to the point where you feel WIPED OUT


Like...completely. ZERO energy.


So when you feel like this


The last thing you want to do is EXERCISE


or prepare a HEALTHY meal


You want to ZONK (<<<not sure if thats a word) out on the sofa, with chocolate or sweets OR anything that will give you some ENERGY


And what you are trying to do there is CHANGE YOUR STATE


at any time


This is what you are doing.


So if you feel tired


The best thing you can do


If its through the day and you have things to do:


Effectively REST (Special breathing exercises or meditation






when you move...even if its pumping your arms up and down 20 times...


it creates energy


The very thing you need


You dont need willpower or MOTIVATION to do that


You just get on with it and feel better


The alternative


Is FEELING sorry for yourself...and we know where that leads to.


You will notice this internal battle playing out in your mind


On one side its the GOOD you


The one that knows exactly what you SHOULD do


But then you have the other side, the BAD you or the LOWER you


The one that falls back on your lowest level of TRAINING that eats bad food and gives up at the first sign of struggle


The one thats been STARTING then STOPPING for years


^^^^ That has got to be the most DRAINING part of all.


So how about you STRAP a set on and dive into a Programme that will LITERALLY turn your life around


It all starts when you JOIN the SUPER 12 Programme


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All the best


Sam 'dropping bombs' Stocks

PS. ^^^ all that is TRUE you are: not different. You are unique and need a proven system to follow. You are not DIFFERENT. This will work for you.



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