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Discover How Our Super Charged Women Are Achieving Exceptional Results With Our FREE 15 Day Super Charged Workout Challenge.

Checkout More Details Below To See How In As Little As 5 minutes A Day You Can Achieve A Great Result In Your Health And Fitness, With A Snow Ball Effect That Carries Across Into All Areas Of Life (Plus An Exceptional Bonus Is Included)

This sounds great. What do I get?

  • Each day you will receive a NEW video workout that you can follow along for 5-15 minutes depending on what level you are at and the time you have available, no equipment is needed, so you can do these workouts anywhere.
  • Full descriptions of every exercise are included, so you can be confident you follow the workouts safely and effectively
  • You will receive 3 video workouts of mobility and stretching routines to follow along that are a little bit longer to help with recovery and improve your posture. You will also achieve other great benefits. These are based on yoga, gymnastics and traditional stretching, so you can be sure, in just a few workouts you’ll be moving smoothly and effectively.
  • You get access to me and our Facebook support group to have any questions answered and receive additional support to help you with your goals. If you are unsure of a particular exercise we can assess you LIVE.

NOW on to the super cool, exceptional bonus.

No transformation is complete, without helping you establish great nutritional habits. So, we have that taken care of for you too. By our very own registered dietician who will provide you with tasty, family friendly meals that help shed those pounds and have you feeling fantastic, even Super Charged.

To give you an idea of what you get, check out these pictures below:

Here is one clip from the Day 3 workout.

Here is one clip from the Day 9 workout.

Here is one clip from the Day 15 workout.

Here is one screenshot of the recipe website we give you access to.

Here is another screenshot of the recipe website, the beauty of each meal is, ingredients can be adapted to suit your individual needs, personal tastes and goals. The numbers represent the portion size of the meal. As you can see, its not all about eating chicken and broccolli, we too like to enjoy a night out. So we include drinks such as a spirit and diet coke, as well as daily drinks like a latte. That way, you know what to eat and drink to make consistent progress with your FAT loss.

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