The 15 Day Challenge Thank You - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

Thank You. You Have Just Made A Very Important Decision. You Took Action. You Are At The Start Of A Very Exciting Journey...

See our 90% OFF offer at the bottom of the page.

You will shortly recieve your first email which is DAY 1, You will recieve a few emails today from me that will get you off to the best start. To make sure you recieve all the emails from this challenge, please add me to your contacts list, safe senders list or friends list. If you find your first email in your SPAM or Junk folder, please mark the email as 'Not Junk'. That way, you'll recieve everything each day.

You will also recieve an invitation to be added to our Facebook Support Group. Please accept this, as you will recieve more content and invites to special events there.​

NOW...Sit Down...I'm about to offer you something even better.

Have you thought "what happens after the 15 days?"

YES?...Me too. See the biggest challenge for many women, like you, is sticking with positive habits for the long term. You want to see, feel and hear that its all working. You DO need that extra support. That guidance. That Help. 

What tends to be missing is...The Right MINDSET.

Now, you can add to your 15 Day Challenge Experience something special.

Access to me and my Super Charged 90 Day Challenge Experience

This incudes the following:

  • Exclusive personalised routines, unique to you, your history, where you are at now and your goals. Which we workout and plan whats best as part of your first week in the program
  • We adapt and personalise a nutrition plan, assessing you weekly and providing you with objectives for the week that keep you on track. This will see you make consistent progress with your weightloss and stop any set backs from occuring.
  • You choose all the meals, it about you and your own personal tastes, we provide you with all the right balance, portion sizes and recommendations to get the best from your food.
  • Throughout the 90 days you will go through 3 phases of training, which gradually progress you, increasing confidence, fitness, strength and your ability to do anything that is thrown your way​.
  • The routines are catered to what you have available to you. If you can only workout at home with no equipment. We can help you train in the most effective way. If you have your own equipment or access to a gym, we also plan your training plans around this.
  • You will have access to our start right, finish strong accountability system, which tracks your progress, makes you aware of whats working and what needs more help and support, so I can help you move forwards and help you when its needed. Plus it allows you to see how well you are doing. Which is a great motivator to make this a lasting habit.

Through out the 90 days its all about balance, you will have days of recovery and rest, to balance you out from your workouts.

Everything included creates the right changes at the right times.

Normally this level of coaching, guidance and ongoing support over 90 days would be £750

But if you decide to go ahead today and lock your place in for the full 90 days, you can, today only, have it for £75. That's right, thats 90% off.

See further below for an installment plan, 3 inatallments of £30 to spread the cost. Thats only £1 each day for the whole program.


If you have the COURAGE to start the full 90 day program, I promise I will help you achieve your goals, by following the guidance and support thoughout the program. If you are not happy at any stage and believe I haven't helped you. I promise will refund you every penny.


Installment Plan. Super Charged
Number of payments 3
Start payments At checkout
At checkout£30.00 GBP
Every 1 month (x 2)£30.00 GBP
Total £90.00 GBP
One Off Payment option
Number of payments 1
Start payments At checkout
At checkout£75.00 GBP
Total £75.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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