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4 Days Wasted. Your Time Is More Precious



I decided to update a few things recently to make my website and other useful things easier to access for the amazing people I help

I have done 80% myself

I thought I could do it all myself

But, it has taken so much time, checking guides, doing this, doing that,

Some things worked, something's haven't.

It's become a real ball ache

I'm not sure what's working.

And today. I've probably been on the support side of my website guys for the 100th time.

Constantly going back and forth

It's quite frustrating

Then one guy says. Send me the stuff.

I'll sort it all out for you.

Brilliant. That makes life so much easier.

Then the job will be done. And I can go back to what I'm good at.

Coaching and training women like you.

Helping them achieve fantastic results.


On your own. You may get to your results.

Like me with my website.

You can try all the guides and help that's out there.

See what works. See what doesn't.

Lots of trial and error.

The frustration

The stress.

The lack of motivation

Because nothing seems to be working.

It's taking way longer than it should.

Now my updates, that has cost me 4 days of productive work.

Yes. Sh*t happens.

But does it have to? I'll be honest. I was a bit stubborn. I wanted to try it myself.

It's cost me way more in lost time, frustration and stress. <<<although I do know how to deal with that and overcome it. One great tool I can teach you when you come on board

So, I know what it's like when you're trying to reach your goals.

Or even just trying to get started.

Let me help you from the get go.

You heard from Jane Yesterday. Remember. She was blown away by what I showed her.

I can take all the stress away and give you exactly what you need.

Simply follow along.

Do what I recommend.

Which you will feel is achievable

As I start you off at your current ability level.

Let's avoid the ball ache

And get you the results you want.

All the best

Sam 'bloody ego' Stocks

Ps. Leave the techy stuff to the people who know about it. That's my lesson.

For you. How does that apply to you? Leave your results to me. I'll get you sorted.

Get in touch and let me help you.











Sam Stocks