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The 5 minute task that changes your life

The 5 minute task that changes your life

The other day I client had asked me a question after sitting in a seminar/nhs review of NEW mindset Work 

To help patients overcome their mental challenges

Their demons that get in their own way 

The question they asked.

“Sam, the 3 things you have us write down each day...does that change your brain?”

Yes it does.

The task is simple

Writing 3 things down each day that you look at as being a positive.

It changes the way you look at things

The eternal pessimist can be swayed

And see more good than bad

The thing is

When you look at the good that you do

You feel better

You have more positive experiences

You have more belief in yourself

You actually strive for more

It becomes about an internal drive that sees you progress in many areas of your life

It creates ‘happy feelings’

And allows you to “THINK” differently

Do you think by thinking differently it could allow you to change your behaviours

For example

At the moment if you’re overweight,







Those things can all change by you taking different actions

Most diets


Most exercise programmes

Fail you

Because they fail to change YOU

They fail to change your mindset

They fail to change your approach

They fail to make lasting change

The Super 12 system


Because it is a proven system with strategies in it

That when followed

(Which is as easy as touching your nose right now)

Allow you to achieve your goals

And have them last long term


Let me ask you a question

Would you like to achieve your goals, and actually have them last this time?”

If yes.

If you want long term, life long results...

Leading to happiness


And outstanding change

Let’s get you involved in our MARCH intake

Of super 12 members 

There’s only a few spaces available.

All the best

Sam “what a view” Stocks

PS. What are you focused on at the start of your day?

Sam Stocks