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The Big Decision

Wow. A true storm is coming now.

All doom and gloom.

Apparently we are misinformed retards, racist and lacking

economic understanding to make decisions on how our

country should be run.

I've only really paid attention over the last

week. It seems all doom and gloom.

Shouldn't we see opportunity in this? I don't know.

But anyway. I can only choose the way I feel about it.

And the way I see. Nothing today changed for me from

yesterday and tomorrow will be the same.

Apart from being in Scotland. Yes im having a weekend

break over there

But anyway. I have avoided watching or reading the news

for a long time.

Because it's all negative.

I choose to focus on the people around me and all the good

that's in my life. Every now and again there's some Sh!t but

you just wipe that off. And move on.

The biggest thing. We don't know what will

Happen. We are predicting future circumstances.

All we have control over is what we do today. Who even

truly knows if there will be a tomorrow.

So enjoy today.

Uncertainty and doubt plagues most of us.

That's why many never change. Those who do, for the good.

Seem to never regret it.

Grow as people.

Then those around them, See that growth and want to grow too.

I see that on a daily basis.

So if you're ready to stop living in fear and doubt.

Do something positive for yourself.

You can start your journey to revealing a fantastic body, mindset

and life by getting your first coaching call - here -

All the best

Sam 'what do I know' Stocks

PS. Did we get the right information?

Is there a part 2???


Sam Stocks