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A 5 Star Review

A 5 Star review

Every Sunday I look back at my week...

What went well?

What didn’t go to plan?


Several questions to review my week so I can track progress and make consistent improvements

If you were to look back on your week

Would you give it 5 stars?

What have you been doing to get you closer to your health and fitness goals?

Have you exercised around 3 x with weights?

Have you been active each day?

Have you eaten healthy meals the majority of the time?

Have you had fun with family and friends?

Have you spent time revitalising your body?

Have you gotten some rest?

How did you sleep?

See when you review, when you ask questions, it allows you to see WAY more

When you put awareness to what’s important

That can grow

It gets managed

You seek out change in that area

That’s how you can make Progress

So now the question is...will you do it

The majority won’t

Hopefully you’re different

In The Super 12’System we have our clients follow this

They make consistent progress because they understand the IMPORTANCE of checking in

Staying accountable on a weekly basis to make sure they get it done

Imagine what this does to you mentally?

It creates a hell of a lot of focus...

The increases CONFIDENCE

And you’re going to be winning at life.

Whilst many sedate in comfort food, booze and other limiting habits...

Hey you can still have fun...you’ve just got to question yourself on the amounts you have at times. Is this you?

Binge eating/drinking on the weekend, whilst trying to be good through the week?

Why is that?

If you really want to make change this year, look back at what you have done since January...

Most likely that will continue

If it’s not working

It will continue

If you want positive change

Maybe it’s time you start The Super 12 System

And Create amazing change from today, in your life.

All the best

Sam ‘looking back’ Stocks

Ps. How’s your week been?

Sam Stocks