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Anxiety Help in Newcastle

Are you frequently hit by massive anxiety attacks that make your heart race and your mind blank after too much overthinking, or are you starting to feel the symptoms leading to something bigger? Well, whatever the case may be, all treatments will be rendered useless until the real causes from which your anxiety stems are brought to light. Since you can't do it on your own considering that you are suffering from it, let the life coach at Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching offer you anxiety help in Newcastle.

It's essential never to lose faith in yourself and take every challenge or wave of anxiety head-on, ensuring that it passes through without disrupting your thinking pattern. Our life coach will get to know you and your issues and deliver promised results by drafting specific plans to meet your needs. As well as allowing you daily access to tools that help you manage the thoughts that either hold you back or limit you. Realising deep lessons to transform forwards with.

What Causes Anxiety?

When it comes to the reasons for anxiety, there are lots of aspects that need to be covered. From past experiences or childhood traumatising memories to current lifestyle choices or personal life decisions, anything could be triggering anxiety. Here are a few things which you might relate to:

  • Losing a parent
  • Educational turbulence
  • Emotional or physical childhood trauma
  • Instances of bullying in school
  • Losing a partner
  • Constant harassment- both home or workplace
  • Too much pressure for perfection from your parents
  • Long-term unemployment
  • Near-death experience
  • Too much stress
  • Domestic violence or consistent argument with your partner
  • Losing a child

As baffling as it might sound, these reasons are not even half of what triggers anxiety in people around the world.

Mental health should be a priority for all, and if you seem to have derailed from the same, our life coach at Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching would gladly put you back on track with anxiety help in Newcastle to you.

How to Deal with Anxiety

The best way to deal with anxiety is by addressing it and talking about it with others. Parents, friends, colleagues, distant relatives- anyone whom you trust enough to confide in and look up for guidance should know what you are going through. If that's not an option for you, anxiety help in Newcastle is always available with warmth and empathy at Sam Stocks Transformational Coaching.

We help you forget about what amazing things you think your peers are achieving but instead direct your attention towards what you are capable of accomplishing with dedication and diligence. We help you fight your fears and become the master of your brain rather than your mind mastering you.