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Anyone Need A Pair Of Levi’s?

It's not always about losing scale weight.


If you look wobbly, saggy and just not how you want to see yourself, no matter what the scales say,


You won't feel great.


Am I right?


Even if they'd indicate you'd lost a stone.


It means nothing.


The best way to test/assess your progress:


  1. How you look in the mirror
  2. How your clothes feel
  3. If you need to change clothes size (in the right direction)


And that's one common, yet pretty special, problem for our clients.


They lose weight and change shape that lasts, and need loads of new clothes.


If you love shopping and buying new clothes. You can get some to fit your new body.


In fact, one particular clients has 8 pairs of brand new Levi's jeans going spare if you want to grab a bargain...


They dropped one size, then another, quicker than expected.

It’s all about building lean muscle, which means you look toned and healthy.


See their scale weight hasn't changed that much,


They've maybe lost over a stone so far... but the biggest change is in their body shape, tone,


And losing a lot of weight from the legs...


Hence the need for smaller jeans.


How did they do it.


They got STRONGER,


Trained effectively with Weight, Body Weight and MetCon Circuits


^^^ if you would like to try an example routine, get in touch.


They help you get fitter, stronger and toned, without doing boring cardio.


So, if dropping a few dress sizes or 'jeans' sizes sounds good to you,


Especially around Christmas.


You should apply for the next Super Charged Woman Experience:


Get in touch and find out how I can specifically help you achieve your goals.



All the best


Sam 'Levi's anyone?' Stocks


PS. Need help with the change you really want to see. Get in touch.


Sam Stocks