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Are You Always Falling For The Hype

It’s all around

So many people with “solutions

No no. No. Just no.

Sometimes I cannot believe what I see. In videos. In promotions and in person.

The thing to realise is no amount of exercise or nutrition advice is going to help you long term on its own.

So many: gyms, coaches and gurus tend to miss some vital parts to long-term progress with your health, fitness and waistline.


Well every answer you could ever want is available on YouTube when it comes to what to eat and how to exercise

So its not that you don't know what to do, maybe you are just confused

The problem tends to be for most people...

They don’t know how to implement the right strategy into their lives long term

They can’t stick with what works

If you are after quick fixes and amazing results in a matter of months...

You are kidding yourself.

Which is the reality many need to know.

The good news

With a greater understanding of your body

How it works internally, and what exercises and foods will help it WORK optimally

Then you can make long-term progress.

You see.

When you do things incorrectly (and by the way you should share this with friends and family, not just what comes next but the whole message)

As in the wrong exercise for your body type


The wrong diet for your body type

Your body does everything it can to normalise

>>Exercise hard and eat less than you normally do

You don’t move much outside of exercise, your body compensates by fidgeting less

So you burn less calories at rest

Eat a salad leaf and a grape

Again. Your body’s metabolism slows down.

So you don’t DIE

We haven’t evolved that much over the years

Why with all the helpful advice out there, are AVERAGE people...


Sorry if that’s harsh.

But again. That’s the reality.

There’s many things missing from the “average” advice out there.

What if you could adjust your body to work in a way of a ‘naturally slender person’.

It’s possible.

And for you to be asked the right questions to reveal your unique way forwards

You can be well on your way

To lasting results

Rather than short-term ones.

Maybe you’ve been there?

Lost the weight.

And then put it all back on again.

It must be frustrating as Hell!

But now you know there is a different way to do things.

And within a few minutes of speaking with me. You’ll know exactly what to work on.

And can make progress from day 1

All the best

Sam ‘lets flip the switch’ Stocks

PS. Everybody has a unique switch in their body, that when flipped the right way…everything works. Would you like to know how to do that?

Sam Stocks