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Are you the ONE of a MILLION?

Are you the ONE of a MILLION?

Have you been bombarded with the NEW YEAR new You extravaganza

That sweeps the interwebs and everything in between


For the thousands of well-intentioned individuals

It will be a new year


The reason why

Those New Years resolutions you set

They are intentions

The idea of been good

I’m sure you’ve said one of the following every year

“This year I will be healthier”

“This year I will eat well, healthy and mindfully”

“This year I will lose that weight”

“This year I will spend more time with family”

“This year I won’t be so distracted by Work”

Etc etc

And whilst those are great starting points

They are missing two crucial elements




See you need to identify the behaviours you must follow to achieve said goal

You need to build on these daily


More importantly, you need someone to hold you accountable

It’s easy to fail in Silence when no one knows what you’re aiming for

But when you have someone making sure you “do what you said you would do”


Everything changes

And that’s a huge part of my Super 12 program

The outcome being you achieve what you set out

Because you do it properly

Unlike 97% of people who start with only the intention

And never take it further

That’s why the gyms will be packed in a week’s time, for about a month

Then it slows down.

Which pretty much sums up nicely what I’ve been saying


Those elements above

It all goes tits up


If you want to really create a new you this year

Do it right

Learn the processes you MUST follow to achieve your goals.

There you have it.

Just get in touch and let me know what you would like to achieve, to find out more and have the opportunity to apply.

All the best

Sam ‘kaizen’ Stocks

Ps. kaizen, that’s what I go after.

Sam Stocks