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Baby got back

"One more time from the top"


It has been known that over the years I have created some amazing booties.


Female clients noticing they tone up in all the right areas.


In fact, one of the girls in reception at the gym trained with me for just two months by the time she was getting compliments from so many members ...


She continued. And that shape and tone took control over her whole body.


The confidence and the self-worth from feeling good in her own skin was huge.


That was the power of getting strong, training effectively and working with me and being part of an experience...


Simple steps. Achieve amazing results.


So I'm guessing you would like to know how I create this brilliant be-hind




Here is a little routine for you:


  1. Glute bridges
  2. Clam shells
  3. Kneeling fire hydrants
  4. Romanian Deadlifts
  5. Split Squats


Perform 15 reps of each moving up in 1 second, down in 3 and hold the top position for 1 second.


Repeat each exercise 2-3 times.


If you would like video instructions and demonstrations of the routine, hit reply, let me know and I'll send them through.




Some people try routine after routine and diet after diet


And still struggle with weight loss and shaping up body parts


You try your best


You train harder


And still


You suffer.


The thing is. For some people.


There's far more too it.


It is complicated.


Usually hormone imbalances are to blame


And this is why you need a unique solution.


When hormones are out of whack and things just don't work like they used to


You need a specific action plan to get the results you want.


If this sounds like you.


I can help.


Take for example someone who has struggled with weight gain on their thighs over any other body part.


This particular person struggles with something in their bodies called xenoestogens


Which are toxins stored in the body, as part of your fat.


There is a solution to get rid of them and the fat that stores them.


If you want to know that solution, or another, to tackle specific body parts


Let me know.


Get in touch, it is that easy.


All the best


Sam 'bootie builder' Stocks


PS. The importance of the right struggle and why you should never suffer...


The difference between where you are now and where you want to be.


Some great lessons for you tomorrow.

Sam Stocks