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Blatant Pitch (Everything you should know)

Here you have it. Get ready, this is what’s possible for you in the next 4 weeks:



**Lose a stone of weight



**Have more energy so you don’t feel like all you want to do is stay in bed



** Lose up to 2 dress sizes, many have since the beginning of September.



**Meet new people, like you, experiencing these benefits now (The encouragement you get is huge)



**Feel more toned and strong, so you feel confident in what you wear (or don’t wear )



^^^^ Sounds good right. All in October.



I know.



You want more information,



So here you have it, this is what you get:


  • Nutrition overhaul with a registered dietician, including daily support and weekly check-ins so you consistently lose fat and tone up (Lots of recipes unique to you. (We can work on simple ingredient meals too) We get it, with so much to do each day we have taken all the stress away when it comes to planning your meals. The nutrition coaching available is worth the monthly fee on its own. You get that access, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You cannot get better. If you need help. It’s there. You get a shopping list generator. Simply click. Printout. Take to the shops. Buy the food. Cook your meals. Eat the lovely food. Lose weight. Job done.



  • Training routines for the week, along with your workout schedule, exercises to perform and videos; demonstrating what to do and common mistakes to avoid so that you make consistent progress with your exercise.  It’s easy to feel a bit out of sorts in the gym. Taking it all in when learning new exercises is hard. To help you. We have you covered. The Videos and extra support outside of your sessions are of huge benefit. Never feel left alone. We have your back. Not only that. You get heaps of encouragement from the women in the group.


  • A Super Charged Training Tracker You’ll want to use this. It makes you see how much progress you are making week after week. Its great looking back and seeing how much you have changed, Because the physical benefits can take on a whole new meaning.



  • Access to mobility and stretching routines to follow along at home, to aid recovery and faster progress (along with live sessions of this). Yes, sometimes you will feel tight after a training session, and let’s be honest, improving flexibility is always useful, you move and feel better, it improves your sleep, your mood and it makes your ability to train, super human. This will help you achieve fantastic results.


  • Access to me daily through our support group using 'VOXER'. This free extra support would cost a fortune if this was private one to one coaching. This alone again is worth the cost of your monthly membership. You can ask me directly, any question, to help you move forwards and reach your goals. Never be left wondering what to do.


  • 90-day strategy plan to achieve your goals, with benchmarks set, to know you are on track. This gives you so much clarity and motivation when it comes to making consistent progress. Every week you will check-in with me, you will know exactly what’s working, plus, if there are any areas that need work, we can address them immediately. You will finally have a real FOCUS, and know exactly what to do, to get you there. We come up with every strategy you need, to overcome any obstacles in your way.


  • Daily habit based work, to instil habits in you, that last a lifetime, so that once you achieve your result, you maintain it and want to achieve more- no going back to where you are at now. Working on habits across all areas of life that make a real impact. Family and friends will notice a change in you. The compliments will be flying in. With this easy to follow habit based approach to training. You cannot fail. You simply follow the steps and achieve the goals you set.


There you have it. See its not just a training session. It’s a whole lot more. Its an experience.



And if you want to experience more.



Be helped, supported and encouraged to become your best,



Let’s get you started. Click the link and apply…






All the best



Sam ‘you’re welcome’ Stocks



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