Are you listening? - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

Are you listening?

To what?


Your body


Most of us are guilty of using something external to give us energy or a boost


To fix things


Reset us to normal


What do most use?


Well the boost of choice:


That could be coffee








Food (usually junk food)


Do you know that sometimes what we crave tells us something about the way our body works on the inside


That maybe the food we are craving is actually something we should avoid


The foods we eat, play such a big role in the way we operate


It's not just about weight loss and looking good


If somethings out of whack


Food can be the best medicine


Try to cut some of the above stimulants and foods out, you'll realise how addicted to them you are.


They actually cause a massive amount of stress


Which causes inflammation


Sometimes we say...well it's because I like it


That may not be true, it's the addiction talking


Or maybe you just need to look at healthier options


To avoid inflammation


See, inflammation, stress and inadequate nutrition cause a downward spiral of symptoms


Which makes it really hard to lose weight


Even if you are doing everything else right


So many need help without realising.



Would you like to take your results to the next level


Then book in your free Strategy call where I can help you become - The Exceptional Man



All the best


Sam 'listening for you' Stocks


Ps. The other side of this equation will be let loose tomorrow. The other side of listening to your body.

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