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The other side of stress

Stress can be good.


That's what exercise is right?


A stress on the body that allows us to move and feel better.


We adapt, grow and perform better


…well, eventually.


And sometimes stress can be bad.


We do need to listen to our bodies


If you are finding it hard to recover from your workouts


It may be time to rest


That could be complete rest


It could be having a massage


It could be performing a yoga routine or stretching routine


It could be a good focused foam rolling session


It may even be that you need to sleep a little bit more. You know, Have a power nap.




Listen to your body


What is it telling you?


On the flip side of the above. If you are really sore from a workout, the best thing you can do is get

moving again, a low intensity circuit or cardio session, even going for a walk, basically getting the

blood pumping again will revitalise your body.


Get blood pumping through those sore muscles


Stretch them out


Eat…so you are feeding the muscles too.


How do we feed them...?


Good quality nutrition.


Hit your macronutrients.


Some may benefit from BCAAs, protein shakes and potentially creatine.


If you would like to know more on ^^^ the above


Let me know.


All the best


Sam ‘Always enjoying a good feed' Stocks


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