Fancy a different kind of BODY TRANSFORMATION ? ‘ The Journey To Body Mastery 
through calisthenics


If you would like to CHAT, find out more about the programme, if you would like to know how SPECIFICALLY this transformation will help you achieve your goals... click the 'tell me more' button to discuss further in MESSENGER

SESSIONS take place at our private fitness facility:

Body 360

29 Orion Business Park

Tyne Tunnel Trading Estate

North Shields

Tyne And Wear

United Kingdom

NE29 7SN

When Applying you will select the times and days that are most suitable for you which we consider when securing your place.

There are 3 MAJOR benefits to the way this transformation is coached.


1. The LIVE training sessions, of which you can attend 3 per week (Tuesday 7pm, Thursday 7pm and Sunday at 8am or 9am), will allow you to discover the most effective way to exercise for you, your body type and the current hormonal status of your body...which is crucial to weight loss, energy levels and overall health... to have you feeling at your best. AND when you get this right. You are less likely to be another statistic which gains all their weight back within 1 year.

2.  You are coached daily through a variety of mechanisms to instill behaviours that have you achieving your goals and thriving. Think about what it has taken to get you to where you are now. You are given tools to bring awareness to your habits that may be limiting you. Then taught how to over ride these, to acheive your goals, whilst still enjoying everything life throws your way.

> Coaching Videos

> Helpful Guides

> Worksheets

> Membership Site with weekly lessons

> Supportive group of like minded women in a Facebook community to keep you motivated and on target with your goals.

^^^ That is how we teach you outside of LIVE sessions to make SUPERIOR progress.

3. You can expect a HUGE mindset shift. So you are less likely to fall back to your old ways. If you have tried any transformations in the past, you know how common it can be to end up WORSE off than when you started. That's why everything that is taught through your transformation is built to last. If you re-gain any weight lost within 1 year of your 8 weeks, you get every penny back. 

During our last launch we sold out within 5 days. This is the best VALUE transformation programme you could be a part of, apply now to see if you are a good fit and so we can be in touch to explain exactly how we will help you

Here is what existing clients are doing and achieving:

"I was a tad skeptical at first, but from the very first session I was really happy with the attention to detail Sam placed on me, he did with every body to be honest. Sam has you working at your own ability level, which I found encouraging, and over 8 weeks of training I have lost 14lbs of fat, gained 4lbs of muscle and managed my very first pull up!" Linda Scott.

"My sleep was terrible and my mood was all over the place when it came to every day life. The help and support outside of sessions was totally unexpected. And there I found the most benefit. The live sessions are great, I learnt so much, especially how to engage my core effectively...Apperently I had never been engaging it before, who knew? I just wanted to highlight how much this has changed my life...I'm sleeping deeper and longer than ever before and my food choices are better, no bloating after meals, I feel a thousand percent better. I have recently come back from a holiday with the girls, and for the firs time in a long time, I felt like the real me, I could wear clothes with confidence and I felt great in my own skin" Hannah Monkman.

"I have tried every transformation going. I tried ELITE, lost weight, 20lbs plus,got the before and after photo to show it, but then within months I would put weight back on, Sam's programme is the only one that has had me eat normally, without starving myself, I have lost weight which is great, my energy and confidence are so much higher. Sam treats everybody the same whislt catering to your own needs, and if you need a kick up the ass, he does it in a way that makes you push beyond what you think is possible. I'm looking forward to the next 8 weeks!" Nicola Claire.  

"I came into Sam's programme essentially to learn something new, his approach to exercise was right up my street and I have loved every minute of it. The mixture of bodyweight exercises is so much fun and the way it is taught has you pushing hard with others in the groups. You really feel part of something. I have progressed with the Olympic Rings managing to hold L-Sits and other challenging exercises I never thought I could do. Before coming to Sam I had a constant niggle in my left shoulder. That disappeared within the first 4 weeks. He can be a hard task master at times, Ive got to say the extra support and coaching has been a BARGAIN." Tina Tompson. 


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