You can apply this to YOUR LIFE. **A strange shift on the golf course** - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

You can apply this to YOUR LIFE. **A strange shift on the golf course**

Ive always been competitive.


I got into GOLF because it was time spent with my DAD


I loved the whole experience.


I always have wanted to do well.


And in GOLF


You have to stay calm.


You have to stay focused.


But my wanting to do well, caused me to try too hard…


Which resulted in things going wrong.


Its easy to get frustrated.


You hit the ball wrong.


And it can pretty much set the tone for the whole round.


And that frustration was then taken out on those closest to me.


Which is strange right?


I was only frustrated with myself.


Has this ever happened to you?


You snap at other people, you react, you come across as angry or aggressive…


But its not them, its YOU.


Well. I had not played golf for years.


And last week I went for a 9 hole round. So half the normal 18. Since working on my mindset…and having control, the experience…


And the difference in enjoyment was unbelievable.


I played surprisingly well.




I didn’t react.


I kept calm


I had a new level of focus.


And this is the result of Meditation, mindset work and continuing to focus on GROWTH


The result was a hugely enjoyable experience.


Because I was in CONTROL.


When you realise you are always in CONTROL.


It gives you a power, a confidence, one you can pass along to other areas of life.


Its through your thoughts and feelings that your behaviours occur.


Master your thoughts and feelings and you effect the change in your behaviour.


This is what I unlock for you in The Super Charged Experience


Its not just about Exercise and Nutrition.


Why have you failed in the past


Its because your mind and thoughts caused you to QUIT.


And that why you’re here now.




Well. If you really do.


If you want life changing results you’ll apply for the 7 day experience to see what’s possible for you…


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Do it right


Sam ‘whole in 1’ Stocks

  1. That nearly happened ^^^ was 2 inches away. So close.


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