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You can never blend in when you were meant to stand out

The kind words of a sister


Was the film of choice yesterday

What a film

About a boy with a facial deformity adapting to life in mainstream school

As you can imagine

It brought about many emotions

This boy was special

But not for his looks

...for his nature

...for the person he was

Anyway it got me thinking how much mental energy is wasted on one of the following

Stressing over your weight

Worrying about your dress size

Being obsessed with how you look

There’s more to you than that

Are you being as vain as the kids in the movie who called the boy names


Why let that define you?

It’s worth considering.

It’s great when anyone wants to change for the better

To feel better

let’s look at this

If you have to follow a diet plan that leaves you starving

And an exercise routine that leaves you crippled because “you gotta feel the burn”

Well somethings missing...

Aren’t you doing this to feel better?

If you step on the scales and your weight has gone up...

Is that a bad thing?

Are you FAT?

How do you know?

It could be water?

Why do you feel bad?

Even depressed maybe?

If you ate lots of processed foods...

Fair enough

But if you’re eating healthy whole foods

My guess

It’s nothing to worry about

In fact

Go grab your scales and throw them out your window

Focus on the steps you've been taking

That's what it takes, little steps of progress

done consistently.

That would be more effective

And there’s a better way

One that we dive into as part of the super 12 system

You’ll love your body

That’s definitely a reality for you when you do what works

Get in touch and let’s show you.

Like all good movies

You can be happy in the end too.

All the best

Sam ‘loves a happy ending’ Stocks

Ps. Who would you be if your weight didn’t define you?

Sam Stocks