I really couldn’t be bothered - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

I really couldn’t be bothered

I really couldn’t be bothered

^^^ have you ever woke up feeling like that

The plan was to do the school run (well nursery run in my case)

Then head straight to the gym

Wednesdays are a bit different as I have more time and like to do a variety of exercises

So spend 2 hours playing

I really look forward to this session

Especially when it involves a good chillout afterwards

Yesterday was different

I woke up and felt “I can’t really be arsed today”

It’s normal to have that feeling occasionally

Maybe you had a poor nights sleep

Maybe you didn’t eat enough food the previous day

Maybe you’re under more stress at the moment

So my solution

Just turn up

With no expectation to do anything if I don’t want

So I did

I was feeling FLAT

My energy wasn’t there

So I just did a little of what i normally do

Had a bit more rest between exercises

And got the job done

It wasn’t the greatest workout in the world

But I got my body moving

And today

I FEEL like I had a great workout in terms of the way my body feels

So did I get the job done?

It would appear so.

My recommendation to you

Turn up

Give it a go

If you need to adapt


Use options that allow you to make progress

And that progress can take many forms

If you find yourself occasionally stuck

Unsure of what you should be doing when it comes to creating change in your life

Whether that’s losing weight

Toning up

Creating more time in your life for fun and family

Creating high level confidence

Whatever it is

The Super 12 System has the tools, lessons and plans

To see you Succeed

Ready to succeed?

(If there’s any doubt I bet you £825 you will succeed and see progress within your first 4 weeks)

How’s that?


All the best

Sam ‘I’m 100% on that’ Stocks

Ps. Ready to make change? This is where you can start.

Sam Stocks