Can you relate? “A 3 year old... No time in the day for myself and laziness” - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

Can you relate? “A 3 year old… No time in the day for myself and laziness”

Can you relate? “A 3 year old... No time in the day for myself and laziness”

^^^ Reasons why this particular lady wasn’t anywhere near being able to achieve her goals.

A HARSH reality.

Laziness is the main reason.

Blaming kids. I get it. It is hard. But not impossible.

Bring your kids along with you. (Consider all the solutions before you decide your kids are limiting your ability to exercise)

^^^ you could be your kids biggest inspiration for building a lifetime habit of exercise…

Our home routines can be done safely, with your kids around.

My 4 year old loves climbing on me as I go about my morning routine… it makes it fun… plus I get him involved performing animal movements… These help with mobility…

So jumping around like a frog works wonders for him and me.

Anyhoo, lets look at the other challenge


We all have 24 hours in a day

So when people say they don’t have time

What they actually mean is, they do not make “exercise”, “Health” etc… a PRIORITY.

When you do…

Somehow you manage to fit it in.

Look at your diary or calendar right now.

Look at the blank spaces… the white space… could you schedule in 3 lots of 30-60min of exercise.

Im sure you can

If not, what about 4 min?


So by now you realise its about prioritising exercise into your LIFE.

NOW the final part


Most people who say this are KNACKERED.

So tired they don’t know what energy looks like.

Probably crave alsorts of sugary foods.

And feel they are stuck in a horrible cycle.

Begging to see change.

So tired to start it.

HOWEVER, if you know the true benefit of a transformation.

One that CHANGES your life, your families and others around you.

You’ll have an amazing DESIRE to do whatever it takes to succeed.

That desire to get up and workout

That desire to prepare nutritious meals

That desire to go for a walk

That desire to PLAN your week

That desire to keep going despite being up through the night with your child

Yes when you have deeper REASONS why you should do something

It simply HAPPENS.

WE can figure out the foundation of your DESIRE in a 1-2-1 transformation session

To schedule that in.

Simply get in touch. Click one of the links below. Or Reply to this email.

All the best

Sam ‘saying it how it is’ Stocks

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