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WELCOME to the resource page where you can get a few tools and follow a few habits that our Super Charged Women are using right now, to acheive and maintain incredible results. When you're in the game, everything is catered specifically for you. IF you would like to try it out for 7 days. Click: I Would Like to try 7 days for FREE

We like to cater your experience specifically for you. If you choose to enter your email address below, What I would like you to do is: When you recieve your first email from us, let me know what the number one area is you are struggling with RIGHT NOW... Is it:
1. Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Meal Preperation
4. Time Commitments
5. Something Else?
Let me know and I will send you something personally that will solve or massively help and support that struggle, and ultimately resolve it for you.



To creat lasting energy for your whole day, try this fantastic Morning Energiser Routine:

Get Your NUTRITION Right.

Checkout our portion size guide, you can download that by clicking the link below. If you only changed one thing, and got this right, you would notice a huge difference on your waist line.



Take full control of your mind, challenge your thoughts and build an unstoppable confidence. 

Use this daily tool to creat clarity and space.

What is it?

QUESTION your thoughts.

Is the thought you have put your awareness to TRUE?

How you can you be absolutley certain its true?

We use THE WORK to help our clients challenge their thoughts. For more information check out


ACTION STEPS  to Move Forwards

Thank you for watching The Super Charged Woman Experience Video and checking out the resources. There are 2 options for you to move forwards and benefit from the tools and tactics we use to help women UNLEASH their full potential. 

OPTION 1: Enter your first name, and email address and I will send you an email on a daily basis to provide you with: entertainment, value, lessons to implement and encouragement for you to take the next step. Thats right EVERY DAY I will be in your inbox helping you move forwards.

OPTION 2:  You're someone who wants to take action now, is ready for change and is willing to explore whats possible moving forwards. You will have the chance to have a 10 minute coaching call to discuss your situation, your struggles and challenges, where I can help you move past those and create a plan of action to help you move forwards. To experience life the way you know it can be. I help you create that reality.

Now enter your details in the relevant boxes. After entering your details you will recieve an email from me, please check your junk and spam folders as sometimes this can occur. From there just add me into your contacts and safe senders list. If you have any questions, reach out to me. Oh and add me as a friend on facebook. search Sam Stocks or Sam Stocks Personal Training. As you will never miss out on exclusive content, offers and advice.