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Discover How NEWCASTLE Women Are Finally Able To Take That HUGE WEIGHT Off Their Shoulders And Are Creating Time To Live LIFE THEIR WAY...For Their: Families, Finances, Relationships, Mindset and Body.

What does that WEIGHT look like?

No time for yourself, It tends to go on WORK, KIDS, Husbands and everyone else in your life

No ENERGY...With ZERO time, you tend to eat on the go, often snacking on the wrong foods. Making you FEEL burned out.

NO confidence, with your energy low, your sleep not great, it means one thing... your body shape suffers. Add with the lack of time you FEEL you have NO time to EXERCISE.

When you're STRESSED, you don't exactly give your best to your OTHER HALF or YOUR KIDS...snapping and OVERreacting is too common.

YOU push hard at work, you're committed, but feel pissed off with how much its taken its toll on you. The FOG in your mind creates this feeling of uncertainty, not knowing exactly what you should do.

^^^ All of these things add up to you NOT being in the best place and REACHING out for RELAXATION or COMFORT...

Which is FOUND in that bottle of WINE you knock back in the evenings or the packet of biscuits that QUICKLY disappear.


You can TURN all that around.

What if you can:

Stay CALM in the mist of CHAOS

Go all in and follow through with your COMMITMENTS to yourself, your family and your body

Follow and implement a set of RITUALS and SYSTEMS which will allow you to grow at an exponential pace, without BURNING OUT

Turbo CHARGE your ENERGY, Make MORE money and TRANSFORM your MINDSET

What if you can get RID of:

  • Self Doubt, Overwhelm and Procrastination to ULTIMATELY achieve anything you WANT
  • Comfort foods, BOOZE and JUNK foods
  • Your STORIES about how 'ITs different for me'
  • Stress and SUFFERING
  • Falling OFF TRACK
  • Beating yourself up and feeling HOPELESS

OTHERS have done EXACTLY that, by following a system, receiving the right help and support and having HIGH LEVEL accountability...


We have had many COACHING clients start with some COMMON beliefs that YOU can probably RELATE to.

"I procrastinate so much, I want to do the work, I want to make changes, but then never do"

^^ We have our super charged road map system for this, that breaks down the barriers in the way of you taking ACTION. Its fool proof.

Another common belief:

"I don't have the time"

^^^ This was a huge one for me for years, especially when I was working 16 hours a day. Now those days are well behind me, I am 4 times more productive. And have FAR more freedom in my life to give my best to everyone around me, but also have that VALUABLE time for myself...You can have this same FREEDOM by utilising our Super Charged Freedom Finder.

The final most common BELIEF is:

"I have no idea where to start"

This is part of the Super Charged Road Map System, it identifies exactly where you MUST start to see progress from DAY 1. And progress is simple when the first step is followed. Can you open your FRONT door? I would think so, It is AS SIMPLE as that.

So THE NEXT step for you to take to FIND out MORE and get involved, is to APPLY for a COACHING CALL to SEE if YOU are a good FIT.

The Apply Button Can be CLICKED below, just add your name and email address to the form below so we know who we are speaking to.

Its NORMAL to FEEL like you will be the odd one out. However, all of our clients can relate to one another in some shape or form. When women like you SIGN up we ask them why is it important that you APPLIED today?

Here are some answers:

"I really want to lose my baby fat I have been trying for 6 years now and need a kick in the right direction"

"I'm embarrassed by what I have become, I've tried exercise, I've tried diets, cutting out fatty foods, I think my expectations are too high, and I think Im going to see a result over night...I usually give up after a few days. I don't have the motivation to keep going! Im embarrassed by my body and cover up all the time, my tummy, arms and legs upset me the most. I just want to be back to my normal energetic old self! Im am Tired of feeling sluggish, fat and un-attractive!"

"I want to tone and strengthen my body so me and my son can have a healthier lifestyle. Also so I can be able to run around and play with him without feeling run down all the time"

And here are what Clients say after they have started our COACHING programmes:

"Since joining Sam's Coaching programme I feel so confident, like the real me again. The beauty of this change has been the healthy example I set for my little boy. If you want to lose weight, new feel hungry, gain some much needed energy and have a blast, apply for one of the coaching'll be happy you did!" Jane x

"I started training with sam in January this year I hadn't done any kind of exercise for about 15 years and also suffer from lower back pain due to an accident sam is a brilliant trainer and taught me I can still exercise and loose weight I lost 33 pounds in 2 months and never felt better I went on holiday a couple of weeks ago to a place I always go and everybody commented on my weight loss and how good I looked I would certainly recommend sam to anyone who is struggling with exercise and weight loss he is fab and helps you any way he can if someone had said to me this time last year I would be going to the gym and enjoying it I would have said no way not me thanks to sam I am going and I really enjoy it" Jackie.