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Derek’s Fat Wife

I had a great session this morning with a women you may relate to...


Her number one reason for training and getting healthy...


She didn't want to be remembered as "Dereks Fat Wife"


And to be fair, she looked fine.


She perceived her self as fat.


A big difference.


But she did want to tone up and tighten certain areas.


When she came in she expected I would take her on traditional weight machines and 'cardio equipment'


That was recommended in the past.


She had to "be careful" you see. In the last 2 years, she had both knees replaced.


We went through a full body session, mostly using her own body as the resistance.


She was amazed with what I could help her achieve.


She had struggled to sit on a chair previously.


I had her squatting lower than ever, her bum was close to the ground.


It might not sound like much but I saw this client transform in that session,


Her mindset changed.


What she believed was possible,


That's changed.


She won't be remembered as dereks fat wife.


She'll be remembered as The Super Charged Women,


One who could do anything.


All she had to do was believe.


Having me by your side will help you make great strides forwards.


You probably have struggled for a long time.


Because you've never been shown what's possible.


Let me help you.



Hit reply if you would like to come in to the gym and be shown the way.


If you like it, great.


If not. No problem.


It's worth a try.


All the best.


Sam 'making people happy' Stocks



PS. Especially derek's wife.


Dereks probably happy too. With his wife having a new lease of life.


Would you like that ^^^ a new lease of life.

Sam Stocks