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Don’t leave what you eat to chance

The Big Crash Diet...

Did you watch it?

Well… they all lost weight.

They gave up REAL food for a short period

And survived on a very low calorie soups-and-shakes diet.

Why did it work?

Well they stuck to the plan.

It helped being in a controlled environment.

They stayed accountable. Most likely, as they were under the watchful eye of a Doctor.

What the average person, who wants to lose weight needs to consider is, these guys were all obese. They could have ate REAL food and achieved similar weight loss results. Soups and Shakes are not the answer.

And there were many aspects that could be debated of whether they would work long term

The average weight loss was 10kg for all that took part

What was interesting…

Towards the end of the programme someone high up in the NHS was interviewed about his thoughts on The Big Crash Diet experiment

He said the initial findings were excellent. But he also highlighted the most important question...

Does it work long term?

And the Dr Javid Abdelmoneim said 12 months later the participants still had maintained great results.

And that’s fine.

The bigger question...

What about 6 months later?

What about 2 years later?

Is it sustainable?

What about after that?

The end of the programme so one of the advisors say “Don’t leave what you eat to chance”

Essentially saying…You must plan your meals and stick to it.

If you don’t you are essentially on a slippery slope towards bad habits.

This is where most fall victim to emotional eating.

So plan. Build a repertoire of go-to healthy, tasty meals.

What you can take from it, as they saw initial results that they didn’t expect, they felt great, saw health changes beyond just feeling better…

Some reversed type 2 diabetes, others reduced the fat in their liver by 90%...

Which is all great…

The participants continued to eat healthy meals, all fresh and home cooked.

All previously ate takeaways, microwavable meals and processed foods.

Its not rocket science.

The biggest challenge is the psychological side. The feelings of guilt associated with eating “Bad Foods”

One participant mentioning the feeling of GUILT after eating takeaway chicken and feeling bad because afterwards… she said “I would have felt loads better eating a chicken salad”

Well that thought process is common.

The reason this lady ate the takeaway chicken… was sub-conscious

And this is the BIGGEST challenge. Combatting lifelong ingrained habits. They are hidden and it’s only after the fact, upon reflection you wonder… Why did I do that?

Well you can use those same challenges to your advantage.

The S12 Method ingrains the right habits in you using something called “Autonomous Behavioural Actions”

If you haven’t watched my Free 4 Part Video Series… I suggest you go here and watch…

All the best

Sam ‘critic’ Stocks

PS. Hey, they all felt and looked better. You can’t knock it. You have to enjoy the process, if that’s the case… you are likely to stick with healthy habits.

Sam Stocks