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Emotions Are Running High With This One

Emotions are running high with this one

Have you ever had a day where your only fix was Chocolate?

(Chocolate, Wine, Gin, Biscuits, ‘insert your favourite food/drink’)

That is why it’s not EXERCISE or FOOD that is your biggest challenge

It’s your emotions

And they play a huge role in your ability to lose weight or not

Which also have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing, both emotionally and physically

You can be a powerhouse of success


You can play it small.

It all stems from your beliefs

What people in your past have told you, you are capable of

What you did and how you acted as a child

All of these things can impact your ACTIONS right now.

You might not be aware of them

They almost act in secret at times

That’s why you may STRUGGLE to lose weight long term

Ever wondered how so many people can lose 8 lbs the first week of a diet or exercise program?

Maybe they try a 6 week transformation, feel fantastic, lose 20lb, only to sabotage their progress a month down the line

Its your beliefs and emotions playing a  part

When these are not addressed. You will always FAIL

It’s a FACT

A deeper part of you may feel, that being overweight serves you in someway

I know that sounds strange but its true

Why else would you keep going back to that state? (Especially if you are unhappy with it)


This is why weight loss is not SIMPLE

The actions can be

But if you are STRUGGLING

There are deeper reasons for that cause

Simply following a DIET PLAN

The perfect meal plan, whatever solution regarding FOOD…

Its not going to help you.

What is going to help you is tackling your challenges from a different angle you’ve never experienced before. On the cutting edge of science.

That’s whats in store for you as part of you’re The Super 12 System experience

You Should be excited

Im sure you are

Wanting to know more right away

Well now is your chance

Get on board the success train

Because we have the solutions

As well as ticking the boxes for exercise and nutrition,

We also tick the box for that missing link

Get in touch ASAP to find out exactly what we will be doing to see you REACH long-term SUCCESS.

All the best

Sam ‘Its here’ Stocks

PS. Its amazing when you discover the true REASON for stalling weight loss. It’s a game changer. And within a day of starting with us. You will unlock that mystery.

Sam Stocks