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Experience More

You have the opportuity to join a unique aspect of Fit4Less, which is SAM STOCKS PERSONAL TRAINING. It is not just a GYM, When you follow us. You transform. We help you establish a truly inspiring goal, you free your own unique power within, to achieve more than others imagine possible.

This is an incredible opportunity to develop and grow. Consisder what we do here as transforming lives, not just helping people lose weight and get fit. We develop the whole person...better habits, a positive mindset, a strong boost to confidence so you become the best version of yourself. Strong in Body and Mind, allowing you to have a level of Freedom in your life, that fosters great relationships with everyone you hold close to heart.

"Most people are filled with doubt, overwhelm, anxiety, lack of self belief because they focus on the bad, their weaknesses, the fact that they feel they are not good enough. Unfortunately, as a result, most people never unleash their true greatness, that is their calling to discover."

To experience what it is like here you have 3 options available to you, to unlock your true potential:

Regardless of what option you choose, we book you in for a strategy session to unlock the road map to your success, this short 45minute full body movement assessment shows us exactly what you are capable of, including core stability, flexibility, mobility, strength, muscle imbalances and past injuries. This allows us to develop the best routine for you.​

1. Semi-Private Training

2. Team Training (Like Bootcamp, but far better)

3. One-to-One Personal Training​

​Option 1: Semi-Private Training (Our Most Popular Offering)

​You will join a very small group of like minded people, with similar goals to you, who are commited to change. We get you sweating and smiling at the same time. Anyone can make you tired and break you down, just try 100 burpees and you will no what I mean. You do not want that. We are here to BUILD YOU UP.

Everyone supports one another, in a fun and positive environment, with a bunch of ENERGY.

​The programs we put togehter are proven to MELT fat away in a short time using 3 sessions a week, these involve all the right movements for your body, so you are balanced, toning up in all the right areas. All routines are unique to you, effective, challenging and fun. 

On top of the amazing sessions at the gym, you have exclusive access to our nutrition, habit based, coaching program, with access to a recipe website that caters your meals for you and the whole family, to help you lose weight. Enjoy family time, the recipes allow you to cook for the family and not worry about cooking seperate meals.

As well as the other benefits, you also have access to daily support with your coach and those in your sessions, so you can learn, grow and progress with those around you.

Being accountable to your coach, others in the group and yourself is made easier with daily and weekly check-ins so you stay on track and achieve your goals. We don't look for perfection, it doesnt exist, but consistency does. Thats what makes our coaching YOUnique, it lasts a lifetime, the habits you learn will provide you with all the tools for life. To be at your best year round.​

Option 2: Team Training (AKA Large Group Training)

​Training part of a group format can provide you with another level of support, energy and motivation. You will join our large group training, we call it TEAM training, because every body works together. 

We follow these rules:

1. Technique is key to progress, No EGOs

2. No Negativity

3. No Moaning or Whining

4. Stick to your nutrition plan...Eat right for you.

5. Give it your all every day.​

​This option is available to members early morning, mid afternoon and evening. 

​Sessions last 45 minutes, are based inside and out, involve a wide variety of exercise, and you can come to an unlimited amount of sessions each week, you have access to a unique recipe website, which allows you to follow meals specific to you, allowing you to lose weight effectively every single week. Its like having your very own dietician.

Option 3: The most Exclusive offering, 1 on 1 Personal Coaching

​This option is exactly the same as Option 1, with one extra advantage. If you feel you would benefit from one-on-one attention. then this is for you. The extra advantage is we develop in all areas of life. This is a HIGH LEVEL coaching program. With DRAMATIC benefits.