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The best way to make you resistant to the modern day set backs like...

Poor sleep

Colds and regular illnesses



Joint pain


Is to stress your body in different, challenging and effective ways

So your body adapts and therefore becomes stronger

There’s a few:

Heat a sauna

Cold bath or for the sane person >> a cold shower

Effective exercise, with well placed rest periods

Breath control...for example taking one full breath and having it last 60 seconds

By performing these activities you challenge your body

Which helps with discipline

It helps with your ability to CONTROL your environment or at least your reaction to it

It helps you see what’s possible

And as it pushes you out of your comfort zone

It exposes you to a new possibility

That previous challenges of things you thought weren’t possible

Become possible

It broadens your opportunities 

If you would like to broaden your opportunities by following an effective system that brings out your best


The Super 12 System can do that for you.

This month is the last opportunity to get in.

That’s it. This month. Only.

So if you would like to become the best version of you.

Now is the perfect time.

All the best

Sam ‘exposed’ Stocks

Ps. What a great weekend so far. I bet there’s going to be a few red faces today.

Sam Stocks