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Fat, fed up and I need help.

^^^that right there was a simple reply to one of my emails.


Some one who, after reading my daily emails took some action and asked for help.


Pretty simple right.


And all it took was 20 seconds of effort.


Michelle finally took action, asked for help, and I called her giving her a strategy to lose 2 stone by Christmas.


That was her target weight to achieve to fit in a dress for a famous family Christmas do.


She said year after year she has become more self conscious about her weight and the way her clothes feel.


Last year she said she felt so depressed, she didn't feel her self, clothes tight, energy low,

She just wanted to hide away.




What's interesting about this.


You probably make excuses why you haven't asked for help yet.


I understand  (<<<After many women like you have told me^^^)


You're protecting yourself


Through fear of failure


See once you have the answers


To solve your problems


You have no more excuses to fall back on.


You're protecting your ego.


When really. That is the main thing holding you back.


You have the ability to achieve anything you want.


You are worth it


You do have someone who will believe in you


And support you all the way to your goals


Because someone right here actually gives a sh!t about you.


So if you need help.


Hit reply.  <<< That would be the best ACTION you could take today


Let's move you from


Fed up and frustrated




Fit, fantastic and feeling fabulous


That is possible.



Hit me up, ok.



All the best



Sam 'gives a sh!t' Stocks


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