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The Fear Factor, Ready to Move to The Other Side

The Fear Factor, Ready to Move to The Other Side.

I was watching an advert for a new TV SHOW

Fear Factor

Where contestants have to battle it out trying all-sorts of crazy challenges

From being buried alive, to jumping off crazy tall buildings and more

Truly getting out of their comfort zone

And gaining strength, power and CONFIDENCE on the other side.

It got me thinking.

A lot of women who take the step to TRANSFORM their lives

Come outside the FEAR factor with way more than a healthier physique

They have a healthier Mindset

A healthier relationship with food

A healthier appreciation of themselves (Even a LOVE for themselves)

A more optimistic view of circumstances

And have tools to help them deal with what life throws at them

Would you like that too?

To step into the FEAR…and come out of the other side, a stronger, more confident you?

There’s many fears, right?

Will I be good enough?

Will I be able to follow the plan?

Will I embarrass myself?

Will I enjoy it?

Will I be fit enough?

Will I be able to have a LIFE?

ALL realistic considerations

And you can only find out by doing.

And with the right steps. The right habits. The right tools.

It all becomes pretty simple.

Its all about the daily actions you take.

At the moment. Maybe there are ones that don’t serve you.

And maybe you would benefit from changing those for beneficial ones.

At the moment. Your current level of thinking, may not get you there. You are not aware of a system that, when followed, produces the results you really want.

You will doubt yourself

Its normal

Most people do

There’s no harm in ‘Giving it a go’

And 99% of the time, you’ll be so glad you did.

The 1%, well, they may have a bad attitude from the start…Not everyone can be helped.

But you. You are different.

Let me know what goals you have in mind to achieve this year.

And I will show you how to get there.

All the best

Sam ‘On other side of FEAR’ Stocks

PS. You will always come out stronger on the other side.

Sam Stocks