I fell, They were pulled right into my stomach - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

I fell, They were pulled right into my stomach

I had a great experience with something new recently


My wife booked a rock climbing experience


Clip & climb it was called




I had an idea of what it was going to be like.


But the reality was completely different.


The climbing wall, the obstacles, the different shapes and sizes


The pipes, the ropes, the lego blocks <<<yes they had huge lego blocks to climb up.


They had various challenges going on...


Completely different to what I expected.


The experience was more fun, challenging and you got so much more than thee expected


Exactly like The Super Charged Women Experience.


You probably picture something similar to the biggest loser, or some crazy high intensity class you may have seen.


Lots of shouting,


And you go from session to session training, maybe getting a little guide on what to eat and what not to eat.


Maybe if you're lucky you get some specific calorie targets to hit.


But to be honest that's not going to cut it.


You want more


You should expect more


And that's what the super charged women experience is about.


Yes we help you achieve great things in the live sessions.


But outside of them...


You get loads more help too.


On a daily basis.


See we're with you every step of the way...


To encourage


To motivate


To offer support


To give you direction


To pick you up if you feel down


To get the most out of you when you feel you can't do something


We help you become the best version of you.



If you have settled for mediocre, now is your time to have more, a lot more.


Hit reply and let me know why you would be a good fit, to experience this awesomeness...


Called "the super charged women experience"


Hey if you've got a friend you think would benefit. Send them the email.


Our new intake of women will be happening very soon.


Application only too.


All the best


Sam 'going the extra mile' Stocks


Ps. New experiences. The only bad thing was the harness yanked on a certain area a bit too hard.


Yes. It was painful. But that was over shadowed by the great experience.


Yes I may have had tears in my eyes.


But I'd definitely go back.


Sam Stocks