I felt like Barney Rubble - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

I felt like Barney Rubble



I felt like Barney Rubble



^^^ Yes. Like I was in the Stone Age


Yesterday I had to clear out my garden








And more rubble


We had a big clear out...


Literally tons of the stuff to move.


Now. With such a big job in front of me...


It would be easy to get overwhelmed


Seeing the job as 'just too hard to do'


Even the builders that left all that rubbish there wanted to get a digger and truck to remove the mess.


But they kept delaying.


So I took things into my own hands




I didn't focus on what I couldn't do.


I focused on what I could.


I had a big car boot to put stuff in, and a tip near by to unload it all.


So I took it one trip at a time, step by step I started to clear a lot...


6 trips later and I'm dominating this mass mess.


I have control. It no longer feels unmanageable.


Imagine using the same process to tackle your weight troubles.


When we have 'lots of weight' to lose


It's easy to think 'it's not going to happen'


You don't know where to start


It's seems like such a task


Too much in fact


Too much exercise is needed


Too much to learn about healthy eating


Too many hoops to jump through.


But what happens if you break it all down into manageable chunks...


You take it step by step


Day by day


Focus on the next meal


The next workout


The next new habit to introduce...


Breaking it all down makes it easier to tackle.


What makes it even easier...


Is having an expert take you through it all,


As well as getting the help and support from others in the same experience.


That experience is: 'The Super Charged Woman Experience'


Let us take care of business for you. And give you everything you need.


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All the best


Sam 'take the next step' Stocks


Ps. Can you take that next step?




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