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First Date Underwear Surprise. 22 years of waiting.

A date


Where you end up


Meeting for the first time, in your underwear


Have you seen this new TV Show?


It’s called =




I caught a glimpse of it the other night


My other half was interested in seeing it.


So I check it out every now and again,


Between watching an episode of NARCOS


It’s a dating show


Usually its 20 and 30 somethings,


Having a date in their underwear, finding out about one another.


This particular episode broke the mould


Then, it showed an older couple,


Interesting and good for them I thought,


Jackie, 62 (looked younger) and Fred, 53


They had a run down on what they were all about or had:


  • Both had Older Kids
  • They both had a great intro about families, and playing with grand kids
  • They were both willing to see how things progress.


Then came time to UNDRESS…


I mean, that is what the show is about


So FRED, being the outstanding man…


‘Ladies first’ <<<Gent


A new first date experience for them both, they strip each other


Jackie, undressed good old FRED


It came with its challenges


She had to get cuff-links off him… a true gentleman


Dressed to impress


She spent a lot of time around his trousers (…naughty!)






Crack was out. <<maybe not a gent,


But he was a nice bloke,


Gave her a big old hug,


Watch the belly she said.


Its alright, you’re competing with mine


She said, she hadn’t had that connection for a long time, and the hug felt lovely.


Anyway, they got to talking and it turns out Jackie, bless her,


Hadn’t been on a date since the age of 40…


She had distracted herself with work for 22 years.


  • From fear of dates not working out
  • Being rejected
  • Not looking right

But she put that behind her,


Now was her time to branch out.


Get rid of the old Daemons


And start again.


This is what gets me.


She lost herself in work, rather than confronting what was most important to her.


22 Years is a long time,


To stay trapped and settle for the basics,


She may have loved her work,


But what about everything else.


What about YOU?


Is there anything you’ve been holding back on?


Health and Fitness, along with diets…


That seems to be the big one.


You drop a pound, you gain a pound


You say you will start Monday


You have good intentions


Then something gets in your way


Being at your best is put to the side lines.


You justify it.


You say its not too bad.


Well. I am sure Jackie said that for 22 years.


But that is 22 years where she could have had it a lot better.


What do YOU need to start changing today?


To get what you want tomorrow.


Spaces for the next enrolment on The Super Charged Women Experience will be opening up in less than two weeks.


In the meantime, hit me up. Let me know what you need help with. Hit REPLY.


Don’t wait as long as Jackie,



All the best


Sam ‘undressed’ Stocks


PS. ^^^apparently I do that. I’m always hot. So often I find myself, with as little as possible on.

The neighbours sometimes get a morning surprise. Haha.



Watch out for tomorrows email. It’s not for the faint hearted.




Sam Stocks