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Floppy or hard???

When it comes to this


most people's preference is hard,


No one likes it floppy


The experience just isn't the same


You're left disappointed


The pleasure you thought you were going to get has gone.


I'm talking about exercise


See. The more you can engage and keep yourself solid, the better your performance


Your body will shape and tone up much more effectively


So remember - you don't want it to go floppy


Nobody wins.


So a great lesson for you.


I'm sure you'll remember that one.


It's crazy how many people are doing something wrong these days in the gym.


Egos get in the way of wanting to ask for help.


Or fear of looking stupid


Or maybe it’s the simple fact you don’t know who to ask


But hey. You gotta work it out for yourself.


But why?


How did you learn to drive?


Most people had an instructor, they take you through a series of skills. Ok I know...yawn.


What I'm getting at is you need to learn the basics,


Follow a system that works.


One that is proven to achieve results...


Would you like to be part of something that is guaranteed to work?


Click the link below:




And Find out if you can get on board.


We are not enrolling until the end of the month. But you can apply now.


Everyone has an area on their bodies they think is too floppy, wobbly or just not right.


If you would like to know how to make these hard,


or toned


or just a little less wobbly.


There is loads you can do,


it’s quite simple, so give me a shout.


Let me know the specific area,


and I’ll show you exactly how to solve that problem area.


I’ll even send you a video demonstrating and explaining exactly how to do it.


All the best


Sam 'keeps it hard' Stocks


PS. Let's find out why tomorrow...


The idea of tension through your body.


Plus, a free workout.


To get your BUM in fantastic shape.


That little treat will be with you tomorrow morning.












Sam Stocks