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Getting Familiar With NEW Sensations

Do you know the sensation of hunger?

For most it’s in the mind.

And can be a great tool to utilise to help you lose some pounds.

As I mentioned the other day

Food is in abundance these days

And many are used to grazing through the day

Picking at things whenever they want.

That is one problem.

The other thing

Most people are severely dehydrated

And drinking loads of water isn’t the answer

Drinking water can help

But the best source of water

Is mainly from vegetables

Which you benefit from when eaten in Abundance

Followed by fruit that you should consume sparingly if you want to lose fat effectively

For some. If they can’t lose weight. It’s even worth removing it short term.

And with the extra veg you’re consuming

You will begin to feel hydrated

Which will stop you being confused with a feeling of hunger.

Now, one useful strategy to experience what true hunger feels like is...

A 24 hour fast...

Say from 7pm one night, after having an evening meal, to the following day at 7pm to eat that evening meal again.

You will then appreciate what hunger feels like.

And as well as that...

You will realise certain rumbles in your tummy can be overcome simply by drinking that H2O

One other mistake is when people feel low in energy or just generally tired...

They reach for food.

But again. By fasting you will experience more clarity and energy than that of an average day.

Which can be rewarding on its own.

Again. It’s exploring your actions, your mindset and how you deal with certain situations.

The rewards for your daily life are huge.

A lot of people who struggle with their weight

Not only over-consume food.

But a lot of excess calories come from DRINK

Not necessarily alcoholic

But coke or Pepsi etc.

The best think to drink to stay healthy

Filtered Water.

As your body becomes efficient

You’ll notice things work better

You feel better

You react better

You’re less stressed

And now you have moved away from a lot of negative sensations that you may experience on a daily basis...

To new ones, that have you FEEL GOOD.

The recommendations above are just a small taste of what you can learn with the right coaching, that leads you to finally achieving lasting results, that you build up on.

If you would like to experience your life at a greater level,

Then get in touch. Or have a read through this post and take action

All the best

Speak soon

Sam ‘Free From Food’ Stocks

PS. Yep, you can become Free from food and the negative side it can play on your life. Food can be ENJOYED, without the negative side effects on your health, wellbeing or waistline

Sam Stocks