Getting To Grips With REALality - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

Getting To Grips With REALality

Getting to grips with REALality

Yes I mean reality

Your reality

It’s great when people get in touch with me about wanting to change.

Straight away being up front and honest.

It’s a great help. It makes my job easier. Then we can discuss what’s next to make progress straight away.


Many people aren’t honest...with themselves and other people

They put a front on

I get it

It’s to protect yourself

Because the truth can be painful

Burying your head in the sand, and not doing anything about it isn’t going to help.

Being honest and accepting your reality is your best hope of change.

Once you recognise you need help and support

Good things can happen.

Where as if you don’t accept it

You will never get the help and advice you need to make progress

Progress in your life that leads to



A greater self respect

A more clear and positive outlook

All possible by accepting you need to change.

You know if you do

You know if you need to

You know that it’s going to take effort

And with that effort comes the need for a quick fix

So you get there as soon as possible

Unfortunately that can land you in the hands of trainers that don’t have your long term interest at heart

Yes you could lose weight fast

Yes that will give you confidence and energy

But when you put that weight back on within 6 months

Confidence drops

Bad habits return or escalate

And the cycle happens again.

With what I coach

And with what I have developed coaching clients over the last decade

Is different

Habits and behaviours that work within your lifestyle so you get to live a better way

One that happens without resistance

That DOES last long term

So that when you look back in 1, 3 or 5 years time

You know what you followed...WORKED

And it worked long term.

If you feel lost

If you feel unhappy

If you feel in need of help and want to make some positive changes

Reach out

Make that change today

Help yourself and those around you

By taking the responsibility to change...TODAY

And make one of the best decisions you’ve ever made

The Super 12 System will make it all happen for you

Simply plug in and play

Stay consistent

And the results you want

Will be your reality

All the best

Sam ‘it’s real’ Stocks

Ps. What would you do today to change your reality?

Sam Stocks