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Ho ho ho Can I help you with that?

What would you like for Xmas?


Not this year.




Next year.


Planning ahead and thinking about what potential you have for change over the next 12 months can be huge.


Most of us can’t think about what we want for Xmas, nether mind anything more meaningful.


When it comes to goals we would like to achieve they are often vague, with no clear sign of the why behind the goal in the first place.


Once we do get clear on exactly what we want and why…its life changing.


So think about this...


If you and I were having a conversation around Xmas 2017


What absolutely has to have happened over the last 12 months in your personal and professional life for you to be extremely happy with your progress?


^^^think about that.


Why is that important?


What if I told you that instead of taking 12 months to achieve those outcomes, the likelihood is you could achieve those goals in 90 days.


So if you would like to join 5 other exceptional people and change your life,




Let's get down to it.




What is this?


. Hopefully you've read the last 2 emails about it.


Essentially, it's 90 days of private coaching from yours truly.


To transform your body, your mindset, your relationships and your work/business...


2 days in a live experience. Which will be like nothing you have experienced in your life.


You get a weekly group coaching call.


Daily coaching and support.


And massive amounts of accountability...


So you do what you said you would do.


Want to level up?


Hit reply and let me know you want one of the last remaining spots.


When they are gone.


They are gone.


I might only run this once in 2017.


You're going to want to be in this one.


All The Best


Sam 'let's shake it up' Stocks


PS. If you've been holding back. Now is your time.






Sam Stocks