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These guys did:

Sam Stocks Personal Training can help you to your perfect body, begin the journey, are you thinking:

sam stocks personal training

Maybe you are a person who loves food, wants to lose weight, but is unsure of what, when and how to eat. So that you enjoy the right foods and achieve the body you desire.

sam stocks personal training

A person who wants to lose the jelly belly and get into a shape they can respect so that you can LIVE your life the way you want, on your terms.

sam stocks personal training

Someone who wants to keep up with their kids, so you feel like a great role model for them.

sam stocks personal training

Maybe you are unsure of the most effective way to train for your size, age and weight and need guidance so you feel confident in what you are doing.

 We use a system that anyone could follow to reach their TRUE GOAL

I know what it is like. Knowing you should really go to the gym, but everything else in your day seems more important. Once you’ve built the willpower to get to the gym, the next challenge – what the hell do I do now?

Maybe you look at what other in-shape, fit people are doing and try to copy them, maybe you jump on any equipment available and start burning some calories. Whilst this may help you feel you are doing something productive. You feel lost, and the results show that.

Again, lack of results, they cause you to lose interest and your sat back at home with a glass of wine and a big bag of chocolate…because a small one will NOT do.

You sedate, feel like crap, start thinking you are no role model to the kids, and the other half, well you think he no longer desires you.

The thought of bedroom Olympics have long ago past. Plus your energy levels are so low.

Well my friend, that doesn’t have to be YOUR story. Why should you have to put up with that?

You can have everything you want.

I understand your challenges that’s why which ever investment you decide to make with us we will make the whole process easy. I wanted a system that anyone could follow at any starting point. To reach their true goal, to allow them to understand and educate themselves through the process and become a Super Charged Woman.

Knowing what to do for you is only half of the challenge, having systems to follow and personal guidance along with accountability is what sets our packages apart from anything else available. We leave nothing out, we assess you in every way so you can’t fail, and anything we ask you to do, you will be 100% confident in achieving.

sam stocks personal training


Check out the guys currently reaching their true Super Charged Status!...

Yes some guys train with us too, usually the other halves of our super charged women, after seeing incredible results, right in front of them. They want the same. As you can see it is possible.

sam stocks personal training
sam stocks personal training
sam stocks personal training
sam stocks personal training

What to expect:

Increased Confidence, a better outlook on life, clarity, drive, focus, more meaning, fitter so you can do any activity and enjoy it.

Personalised Coaching Session

A tailored program that is planned step by step to accomplish your 3 month goal, broken down into what you have to do each day, a session that is focussed on teaching you the right way to move for your goals, teaching you fundamental exercises that get results, you will see continual progress and reach levels of strength and control you never even considered. Questions answered at the start of every session to help you break down any barriers or setbacks that do happen, so you can come out stronger. Do you recognise what held you back in the past right there? I guide you forwards when it is needed the most. Each 45 minute session is focused on time efficient, productive exercise that gets results, training that will be around for years to come, and not just some silly fad based exercise that everyone else seems to be doing. WE DO STUFF THAT GETS RESULTS

Nutritional Overhaul

Taking you from where you are now, educating you on what that means for where you are at and how that effects your body, then a step by step guide of what to eat and when, along with tasty recipes, showing you the exact portion sizes that would suit you and your family.


Daily accountability sets your training to a whole new level. You will not feel pressured but excited about meeting your daily targets – targets that you have personally set, targets that you feel 90-100% confident in achieving, which I help you stick to. And offer any guidance that is required.


This is where we look at why you store fat where you do and how this effects everything from your sleep, to your energy, even the food choices you make. Then we give you a simple plan to follow based on these results, which we check at least once a month to keep you on track. As your body changes, other areas of your nutrition and training will change to match your NEW shape.

Kitchen Makeover

The Kitchen makeover is either completed in person or via online video, either way I guide you through the process to have all the right tools, equipment, food and storage to achieve success.

Support Forum

You will gain access to other like-minded individuals who either are where you are at, or where you want to be, and have gone through the experience in which they can offer tips and advice as well as support to keep you accountable and motivated to achieve more.

Kick start guide

The quick start guide is there to achieve in your first week progress that shows you, no matter who you are, when you follow the simple, step by step plan, you can achieve something special.


You will get more out of the 3 month plan than you have in the last 3 years, reaching all your goals, or your money back, plus unlimited free training. I get fantastic results, I am confident in what I can help you achieve, I want you to know that I will do everything in my power to help you get there.

IF you have decided you want to reach your potential and be your true best, then get started on your journey and hit the button below (Don’t let another month go by feeling like less of a person)