How this one action can set you up EVERYDAY for... - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

How this one action can set you up EVERYDAY for…


How this one action can set you up EVERYDAY for...

YOUR success.

When you wake up.


Do not hit snooze

The extra five, ten or how ever many minutes you choose to snooze for will do jack sh:t for you.


Where as getting up and starting your day will set your mind up for the right action

Think about this

Many of the good things you know YOU SHOULD DO

But don’t

Is because you procrastinate

That’s the same as hitting the snooze button

You are procrastinating about getting up.

You are procrastinating about living


In a world where people,

Most people say they have “no time”

Well, that 10 minutes you snooze each morning...

That adds up to 60.8 hours...

Why are you wasting that time.

That could be time spent with family having fun

That could be time preparing nutritious meals to reward yourself and those you cook for with Good health

That could be time spent exercise to feel better and create a body that works for you.

There’s more going on in your body and mind than you realise

When you know how to have everything working optimally...

Great things happen 

Most people will ignore the advice here.

Most people ignore most of the information that will better there lives

Why is that?



And patterns of behaviour that are so ingrained you aren’t even aware they happen, until they do

Do you think you have a choice?

You don’t!

Unless you know how to unlock the mayhem

It just so happens in The Super 12 System, we have tools and strategies to guide you out of the unknown


Help you succeed.

If you would like to succeed and stop wasting valuable time

If you want to make the most of your time

Then get in touch

Not only will you Save time 

You'll Save your life.

All the best

Sam ‘who’s jack?’ Stocks

Ps. What’s your current snooze time? If that offends you about your laziness. If you’re tired and need that extra 10 min... BS. Wake up and crack on... the reality is YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.

Sam Stocks