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How To Make Phenomenal Progress With The Super 12 System

How to make phenomenal progress

So yesterdays blog shed some light on the difficulties of LOSING weight.

I would recommend to CHANGE your FOCUS

And you will see your shape change significantly

STOP looking at the SCALES

Your SHAPE will change

By working and pushing yourself to improve PERFORMANCE

Aiming to get fitter, faster and stronger.

Build a STRONG foundation first

Dial in your technique of all foundational movements

Work on mobility, so your joints move and feel better

Which then allows you to go through bigger ranges, working your muscles to a higher degree

You will FEEL amazing

You will be more likely to move more through the day with your new found energy

SUCCESS can be yours

The thing is. Considering yesterdays challenges that I highlighted, if you can find balance there.

Then build on the qualities above.

You will be MOTIVATED to be consistent with your routine.

The importance of this is HUGE

That is it REALLY

No need to SHED any more light.

The SUPER 12 System helps you with all of this

SO if you want to make life simple.

Follow steps to see you succeed

And put those past limitations behind you

Then get in touch and let the good times roll.

All the best

Sam ‘Good Times’ Stocks

PS. What would a FITTER, FASTER, STRONGER you be able to achieve? How would you feel on a daily basis?

Sam Stocks