I was so ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. I had to laugh. - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

I was so ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. I had to laugh.

I was so ANGRY and FRUSTRATED. I had to laugh.

Something the other day caught my attention 

And indirectly someone had well and truly Pi$$ed me off

And it affected my mindset for at least a day 

I was in a bit of a mood

No one is perfect right? (We can all have a bad day)

This very rarely happens now

As I have systems in place to keep me at my very best

(You can have those too)

And for some reason

My ego got the best of me that day and night


Even worse

I had made a mistake

The problem I had presumed wasn’t even the reality

I had misread the situation (<<< how often have you done that)

>Caused my own frustration

>Caused my own negative mood

>Caused blah blah blah

I had to laugh

Because it was in reality 


And it made me realise

In that moment

I could have chosen to laugh regardless

How many times do you do this?

Mis-read situations

It could be with your expectations around exercise or healthy eating

It could be with what people will think of you for trying to lose weight

It could be worrying about the cost of a life changing program

Yet you spend more money on unnecessary beverages or snacks,

Waste time doing things that DON’T WORK, 

Or something else that doesn’t benefit you long term

And when you look back

You realise

You’ve made a mistake

It is what it is

You can only really laugh

And move on.

“Do you need to re-evaluate a belief that no longer serves you?”

It could be around:



Nights out

How you exercise 

Why, you do what you do, and so on.

It’s amazing how many people want to get in great shape

Yet have a million and one reasons why they can’t start right now.

What would you benefit from starting tomorrow?


Ps. Sometimes answering the right question will help you with what you know you really want to do. Take that step today.

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