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I couldn’t believe how strong I was becoming

I couldn’t believe how strong I was becoming

^^^ a message the other day from a client

Reflecting on their recent phase of training.

Over 7 weeks

They went from lifting 40kg from the floor in an exercise called the deadlift

To doubling that to 80kg

I was impressed

The thing is

This client wasn’t really into exercise when they first started.

Which is quite common

A means to an end to reach your goals (<<<Have you ever felt like that)

They started noticing how good they felt week after week

Moving better

Feeling better

All from lifting weights in a new way

Learning to engage the body differently to what they’ve learnt in bootcamps and traditional exercise classes

You see

When. You build true strength and balance throughout the body

You build slender, toned muscle that has you feeling vibrant, youthful and strong

Which crosses over to your confidence and happiness

Because as the weights increase

As you increase your fitness

As you start to really look forward to your training

You know you are developing a lifelong habit

Imagine that?

Look. We all know exercise has many benefits

But what isn’t common knowledge is how to progress effectively working the body to its advantage

So your body burns fat effectively through a Super 12 Metabolic Burning Effect

Allowing your body to melt fat

Rather than burning muscle


You don’t want to look haggard

You don’t want to look SKINNY – skin and bones

You don’t want to look gaunt.


The Super 12 System incorporates methods to help you develop your body to use this metabolic burning effect, whilst giving you energy, healthy tasty meals to utilise to keep you looking forward to what’s next on the menu and routines that keep your body at its best.

It allows you to build slender muscle, to keep you burning fat whilst you SLEEP

IF you would like to know the habits, behaviours, techniques and tools to achieve all your life goals around health and wellbeing, PLUS more

The Super 12 System might be the catapult to sling you to your success

All the best

Sam ‘Flying’ Stocks

PS. What goals would you like to be catapulted towards? Just let me know and I’ll pull the sling, and fire you in the right direction.

Sam Stocks