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I Did’t Know This!

I didn’t know this!

“Just give me a minute, I’m busy”

^^^ one of the worst things you can say to your kids

Especially if they’re 7 and under

Whilst you may think 1 minute won’t matter

What you’re saying to your kid and demonstrating by not acting straight away is...



That makes you think.

It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, YOUR kids should be your highest priority

And it puts a lot of things into perspective

And usually once your kids have had your attention

Within a few minutes there off playing having another adventure.

So you can get back to what you were doing then.

Powerful. Right?

Well it is, when you consider that many people grow up wanting to feel significant...

They want to be noticed...

And because of this go into a world of bad habits to say...”Oi, look at me!”

Because they didn’t get this attention when they were younger.

Sometimes it can be why many women over eat...

To get comfort, in that.

Comfort = Attention

Of yourself.

There’s so many reasons that are the underlying cause to being stuck

To not being in the place you want to be...

Often in health and fitness it can be seen that it’s all about exercise and nutrition...


That’s why many fail to achieve anything significant in the long run.

There’s far more to it.

It just so happens The Super 12 System incorporates all of this for you...

Making the COMPLEX...


All your bad habits...

Are a result of your past 

Your future doesn’t have to represent that

You can change it

If you use the right tools

You can learn those here

Simply send me a message or email today 

And I’ll tell you exactly how and why

To all of this

And you will know, you have a great chance to achieve your goals

Not bad eh?

Go on do something different today and break that Mold. 

All the best 

Sam ‘limitless’ Stocks 

Ps. Keep breaking your own boundaries and you make the impossible, possible.

Sam Stocks