“I don’t believe I can achieve what these women have” - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

“I don’t believe I can achieve what these women have”

“I don’t believe I can achieve what these women have”

^^^ You can end up feeling like that’s the case.

Reading others successes can be motivating.

Past experience may have you full of doubts.

A lot of companies make promises.

Slimming clubs, diet clubs, exercise classes and most gyms… have you believe that anything is possible.

And its true. You can achieve a LOT.

The problem is always MINDSET.

If you have ever found yourself STUCK.

Or so far away from that expected result. Its MINDSET.

Its not lack of motivation

Its not lack of will power.

It is LACK of belief that it is possible for you.

Maybe your expectations are high.

You start something, lose a lot of weight in your first week, then it slows down, maybe it slows down every week.

You become disheartened. Things are not as you expect. You think. “What’s the point

Shouldn’t it be easier?”

The problem is, all this focus on WEIGHT LOSS and the scales is keeping you stuck.

What if you completely changed the way you think about health and exercise

Where it’s not a CHORE

Where you actually love TRAINING

Where you enjoy eating meals that lead to you FEELING BETTER

In fact. You become HAPPIER

When you FOCUS on all the good YOU actually do for yourself.

A lot of women feel guilty for taking time out to work on themselves

Its actually the best thing you can do for yourself and your family.

Do you think they enjoy seeing you where you are at now, if you’re not the best version of you?


Do you think they would be HAPPIER too, that you are achieving exactly what you want if you are on a JOURNEY to THE BEST YOU?

You don’t have to feel GUILTY

You can feel RESPONSIBLE

Responsible for how you FEEL by the actions you take.

Responsible for being a ROLE MODEL for those around you.

Its common to believe you won’t achieve great RESULTS that you READ in my testimonials.

Until you come along and give us a TRY.

You’ll see there’s more to it, YOU GAIN, a lot.

A lot of knowledge. And that is KEY to your own change.

You may be locked out of possibilities. We have the KEY.

Lets open them up for you.

Get in touch.

And I’ll show you exactly what we will do to get you there.

All the best

Sam ‘believe’ Stocks

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