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If Donuts Were Healthy

If Donuts were healthy

Our bodies crave comfort

You want to FEEL good

You need a hit of dopamine

And food companies know this

They use secret ingredients as well as sugar and fat

To get you addicted

You’ll probably know someone with a Coca Cola addiction drinking 2+ litres a day

All that sugar means one thing

FAT gain

And ADDICTION (That’s hard to break, not impossible)

Same with donuts

That glaze and shine can be tempting for many

For you it maybe a biscuit

The salt

The sugar

The fat

It has you craving more


They have a chemical effect on the body that drives a desire to have MORE

It happens automatically as you keep with that behaviour

When you are stressed

When you are busy

When you crave convenience

What’s the best option you think of...

It’s not a healthy chicken stir fry!

It’s something loaded with those bad boys

Salt...Sugar and fat

To feel a sense of relief

It may be a bottle of wine

You start with a glass

Then your hand reaches for the bottle and within seconds

You know that bottle will be empty by the end of the night

These habits

The extra calories almost don’t register

They go unnoticed until it’s too late

You’re THREE STONE heavier

Wondering what the hells happened

The good news for you

EXERCISE releases your feel good hormones too

As does many of the other parts of The Super 12 System.

Those automatic behaviours you have that cause you to gain weight

Well we can use the same process to help you achieve a weight loss, a transformation, a total life changing journey

Yes that’s all part of The Super 12 System.

Do you want in?

Limited spaces available to start

2nd April 2018.

Are you going to take advantage?

Imagine if donuts were healthy, or your other favourite go to pick me up snack...

Weight loss would be easy. Right?

Well it can be. You simply need the right tools.

All the best

Sam ‘glazed’ Stocks

Ps. Ready to feel good naturally? Take action on the above.

Start your Super 12 journey today.

Sam Stocks