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Now you can, at your own pace, view how to perform the various exercises available to you at DW Sports Fitness. These are the basics as a beginner using mainly the machine weights. But whether you are a beginner or a seasoned VET, you are always able to learn something new and enhance your training. Check out your walk through of the gym below. Scroll down to any exercise and view how to perform it. If you need any more help and would like to be shown in person, click the button below:

Seated Row Machine

The seated row exercise is an excellent upper body exercise focused on pulling. You will be working a whole host of muscles, keeping it simple, you will be working your arms, back and shoulder muscles, as well as your core.

1. Step into the machine.  Adjust the seat so your lower chest is level with the bottom of the pad. Pull the pin/lever out and move the seat up and down.

2. Once seated, grab the handles, sit up right with your chest slightly of the chest rest, take a deep breath in and pull the weight to the start position, arms straight out in front.

3. Squeeze your shoulder blades back to initiate the movement, then pull your elbows past your sides, keeping your core activated, as well as bringing your hands as close to your sides as possible.

4. From here, return the weight back to the start position, as your arms straighten, allow your shoulder blades to spread out wide, and for your shoulders to move forwards.

5. Repeat this for the designated amount of reps in your routine. Keep them tempo controlled. A good starting point is 1 second pulling back, 1 second hold, 4 seconds returning the weight and a 1 second hold at the bottom.

Lying Leg Curl Machine

The lying leg curl machine works the hamstring muscles, so yes the back of the thighs. Adjust the pins near the leg pad to allow you to lay on the machine comfortably and for there to be tension in the machine with your legs underneat the pad. Test this out. 

1. Once you have adjusted the pins you are ready to climb in and start your exercise. Set the weight to your desired amount.

2. Place your lower calves under the pad, hold the handles with both hands and lock yourself in to the machine, brace your core muscles, squeeze your bum, then you are ready to initiate the first rep.

3. Bending at the knees, keeping the front of your hips locked down against the pad, curl the weight up towards your bum, actively squeezing your hamstrings as you do

4. Slowly return the weight back to the start position, resisting the weight as you lower.

5. Repeat for your designated number of reps.

Lying Glute Machine

The Lying Glute Machine works your bum AKA your glutes. As well as that you will work your core muscles, keeping these engaged through out the exercise.

1. Adjust the knee rest and the upper body rest to fit in the machine comfortably, so that your working leg can move forward and back without restriction.​ Step in and test this out before you start your sets.

2. Whilst bracing your core and holding the handles tightly, take a deep breath in, squeeze your working glute, then push back into the metal platform with your foot, putting as much pressure through the heel as possible.

3. Push back and fully extend the leg, then slowly return the weight back to the start position.

4. Repeat for the designated amount of reps, then repeat on the opposite side​

Leg Extension Machine

This one works your quads. The sitting position is very important, so that most of your body is stable through out, the only area that should move is your thighs and knees. So adjust the back rest with the lever, the pins near your right leg, adjust these so your legs are as close to the machine as possible. The pad at the lower leg, should be just above your ankles. Lock your self in by holding the handles and pulling your body into the seat. This will give you a solid starting point.

1. From the solid starting point, brace your core and squeeze your quads, then initiate the movement.

2. Extend at the knee, straightening your legs out, do this with controlled speed, emphasise the squeeze of your thighs at the top,

3. Lower the weight under control back to the start position. As you do this keep tension on your quads through out.

4. Repeat until you have completed all reps for your set.​

Inner Thigh Machine

The inner thigh machine is definitely one of the ladies favourites. Toning up those thighs. So sit down on the machine place your feet on the foot rest and place your inner thighs/knee on the pad. Adjust the pin on the left hand side to a point as far out as your flexibility allows.

1. Innitiate the movement by squeezing/tensing your inner thighs, then move your thighs inwards,

2. From here return the weight to the start position, as you do breath in.

3. Then repeat, by tensing your inner thighs with as much focus as possible, pull the thighs in, as you do breath out.

4. Return the weight again, doing so, under control.​

Lat Pull Down Machine

The Lat pull down is a fantastic back exercise, so step in to the machine, sit down, adjust the seat, so that your thighs can be placed underneath the pads comfortably. Once you have the right position, stand up, grab the handles and sit back down. 

1. Initiate the movement by pulling your shoulder blades down, and squeezing your lat muscle, from here bend at the elbow and pull your elbows out wide and down, as far as possible. As you do this make sure your shoulder blades are squeezing back,

2. Slowly return the weight back to the start, as your arms straghten, allow your shoulder blades to raise up as far as you can, to improve the range of movement and your flexibility.

3. Then repeat the process. As you pull down, breath out, as you control the weight back to the start breath in.

4. Repeat for the desired number of reps.

5. An alternative, can be performing the same movement, but your palms facing one another and you pull your elbows into your body.​

Leg Raises

Leg raises are a favourite for many wanting a nice toned, flat stomach. Its harder than most think, when performed properly. Most people should never go all the way down, as your lower back will most likely be curved, and your core will not be strong enough.

1. Lay down on the pads, with your arms resting on the arm pads, make sure your lower back is pressed in to the curved part of the pad, pull your belly button towards your spine and press your lower back as hard as possible against the pad.

2. Once you have done the above your legs should be straight up in the air. From here lower your legs as low as possible, whilst maintaining your core activation, your lower back pressed into the pad. As you lower, the pressure on the pad should not change. If it does. You ahve gone too far.

3. From the bottom position squeeze your abs harder, and pull your legs up using your core muscles, think about pulling from your lower abs >>then middle abs >>then upper abs.

4. The more control through this exercise the better your core muscles will respond.​

Pec Dec Machine

The pec dec machine works the chest, step in to the machine, sit down, adjusting the seat to a height that allows you to place your arms on the pads like you see in the video. 

1. Squeeze your chest to initiate the movement, squeezing from the corners of the chest pull your arms in to the midline of your body, once here, imagine, squeezing your chest muscles, so they touch one another,

2. From there, slowly return the weight back to the start position, allowing the chest to stretch through its full range.

Prone Fly Machine

The seated prone fly machine is fantastic for everyone, as it improves posture by strengthening the muscles of the upper back that are usually weak from everyday life: sitting at a desk, using your phone, etc. So sit down, adjust the seat so your chest is level with the pad in front. Grab the handles and begin:

1. I believe keeping your torso upright and your chest off the pad is the best position, grab the handles and initiate the movement by squeezing your shoulder blades together.

2. From there pull your arms out wide, keeping a slight bend in the elbow, until your hands are level with your shoulders, do not allow your shoulder to roll forwards (this is a big mistake that many people do, which is bad news for your shoulders).

3. Slowly return the weight back to the start position, this being on where you feel resistance in the machine, which will be 3-5 inches, from the inital start position. As you return the weight, make sure your shoulder blades are squeezing back.​

Seated Chest Fly Machine

The Seated Chest Fly Machine, sit down on the machine and adjust the seat so that when you grab the handles your hands are level with your chest. 

1. Grab the handles, one then the other, sit down and upright, brace your core, take a deep breath in, squeeze your chest, then pull the weight, as in the handles, towards one another, to the midline of your body, at this point emphasise the squeeze on your chest.

2. Slowly return the weight, brining your hands back, just past shoulder level, so you feel a mild stretch in your chest. Squeeze your chest, and repeat the movements.

Seated Calf Extension Machine

The Seated Calf Raise Machine, Adjust the seat so that when your feet are on the metal plate and you push back, your legs are straight (follow the video for other options), from here you will just flex and extend at the ankle working your calves.

1. Pressing the balls of your feet in to the metal platform, squeeze your calves and push the weight forwards,

2. Then allow the weight to return back, which will stretch your calf, go as far back as possible,

3. Then, repeat the sequence. ​

Seated Shoulder Press Machine

Step in to the machine, adjust the seat so the handles of the machine are below shoulder level, this allows you to go through the exercise with the biggest range of motion. Therefore will engage more of your shoulder.

1. Brace your core and grab the handles, squeeze your shoulder muscles, then press the weight up. Extend as high as you can, elevating the shoulders.

2. Squeeze your shoulder baldes down, then bend at your elbows and lower the weight back to the start, keep tension in the arms and shoulders through out.

3. Make sure your lower back is pressed against the back rest through out.​

Seated Straight Arm Lat Pull Down Machine

The Seated Straight Arm Lat Pull Down Machine is a great exercise when performed properly, it helps you understand how to engage one of your major back muscles as well as how to brace your core properly. The most important thing here is to keep your lower back flat against the back rest, and at the same time avoid letting the rib cage flare (stick out)

1. Grab the handles overhead and straighten your arms out as far as possible, there will be a slight bend at the elbow, initiate the movement by squeezing your shoulder blades back and engaging your lat muscle (imagine trying to squeeze a tennis ball between your armpit)

2. Pull the handles down towards your knees, keeping your core braced throughout

3. Then, slowly return the weight overhead, keep tension in your lats throughout and repeat until you have completed all reps.​

Standing Calf Raise Machine

The Standing Calf Raise Machine, adjust the shoulder pads using the pin on the right hand side, to place the pads at a height, that allows you to stand upright, with your heels pressed down in a deep stretch, without the weights banging off the machine as you press up. So step in, place the balls of your feet on the metal platform, with your heels hanging off and get ready to begin:

1. From the start position, make sure your legs are locked out, quads engaged aswell as your glutes, press your toes and ball of the feet hard into the platform, engaging your calves.

2. raise the heels as high as you can, squeezing the calves hard at the top, pause, then lower the weight.

3. As you lower, go into a deep calf stretch, pause, then repeat.​

Seated Chest Press Machine

The Seated Chest Press Machine, Adjust the seat so that when you sit down, the handles are level with your armpit. 

Make sure you back is flat against the back rest, press your foot against the foot pedal to bring the handles forwards, grab the handles and let your foot off the pedal, allow the resistance of the weight pull your arms back.

1. Initate the exercise by squeezing your chest, then press the weight forwards, until your arms are straight, make sure, to keep your shoulders squeezing back as you do this. Do not let your shoulders travel forwards.

2. Then slowly return the weight back to the start position.

3. As you press the weight out, breath out, as you lower breath in.​

Seated Bicep Curl Machine

The seated bicep curl, sit down on the seat, in a position that allows you to sit up right and keep your upper arms flat on the arm pad. Once you have this, grab the handles, place your arms on the pads, so your elbows are at the edge.

1. With your arms atraight out, initiate the movement by squeezing your biceps, then bend at the elbow and contract the bicep as hard as possible, curling the handles towards your shoulders.

2. Throughout the movement make sure your shoulder blades are pulled back.

3. Slowly extend your arms back to the start position, keeping tension on the bicep, once there, repeat for your desired number of reps. ​

Straight Leg Back Extension

Straight Leg Back Extension, Place your legs into the machine so that your calves are resting on the leg pad, place your hips at the edge of the lower body pad, keep your legs straight, and your core braced.

1. Take a deep breath in, hinge at your hips, keeping your back straight, lean forwards as far as possible, you should feel a stretch in your hamstrings,

2. From the bottom position, engage your glutes and hanstrings, pulling from there, rasie your torso up, keeping your back straight, and return to the start position.

3. Breath in on the way down, and out as you raise up.​

Tricep Dip Machine

The tricep dip machine, sit down and adjust the seat so that the handles are as high as possible, this will allow you to push through a greater range of motion, flexibility permitting. 

1. Grab the handles and move them, in, this hits the back of the arms the best, with your back firmly against the back rest, squeeze your shoulders back, tense your triceps and push the handles down, extending your arms,

2. At the bottom squeeze your triceps as hard as possible.

3. Bend at the elbows and return the weight to the start position, keep tension through your arms and repeat.​

Tricep Extension Machine

Sit in the tricep extension machine, and position yourself so that your upper arms are flat against the arm rest and you can grab the handles comfortably. 

1. Grabbing the handles, push your upper arms into the pad, tense your triceps, then extend at the elbow, squeezing your triceps further.

2. Once locked out, bend at the elbow and slowly control the weight back to the start.

3. Repeat for the desired number of reps.​

The Ab Curl Machine

The Ab Curl Machine is there to, you guessed it, work your abs. Now, most people when using this machine work their hip flexors, not there abs. Usually lifting a weight that is way too heavy for them. To help you work the correct muscles. Do this:

1. Adjust the chest pad, to your upper chest height, lean back with it resting securely against you. From here squeeze your abs, brace them, then crunch forwards pulling in around your belly button, do this slowly.

2. Squeeze as far forwards as your abdominal muscles allow, hold at the bottom for 1 second,

3. Then, slowly return back to the start. The slower and more controlled you are, the better and more effective the exercise.​

Seated Leg Curl Machine

The seated leg curl machine, make sure the back rest and the foot/leg pads are set up to allow you to move in a comfortable position, your legs should be able to straighten and bend from the knee. Initiate the movement using your hamstrings:

1. With the back of you ankles pressing against the bottom pad, squeeze your hamstrings ad pull the pad down towards your bum,

2. Squeeze and hold for 1 second, then slowly return the weight back to the start position.

3. Throughout the movement make sure you hold the handles, and pull yourself into the seat, so you are secure, all the movement should occur in the legs. Keep your core braced throughout.​

Outer Thigh Machine

The outer thigh machine can be very useful for activating weak glute muscles, step into the seat with the pads close together, place your legs inbetween them, with your feet resting on the foot bars, 

1. Pull yourself into the seat and brace your core, initiate the movement, by activating your glutes as if you are pushing out, then push out, as far as you can,

2. Slowly return the weight back to the start and repeat.​

Seated Back Extension Machine

The seated back machine works the erector spinae muscles placed either side of your spine, make sure the back pad is as far forwards as you can handle, so you can push back through a greater range of motion.

1. With your feet placed on the foot pad, brace your core, then lean back pushing your upper back against the top pad. 

2. Once you are fully back, pause, then slowly return the weight back to the start.

Incline Chest Press Machine

Step in to the incline chest press machine and adjust the seat so that when you sit down, the handles are level with the bottom of your chest.

1. Grab the handles with an over hand grip, squeeze your back aganst the back rest, bracing your core, engage your chest and push the handles up,

2. As you push up, make sure your shoudler blades are squeezing back, and stay back throughout.

3. as you get to the top, squeeze the centre of your chest as hard as you can, then slowly lower the weight back to the start.​

Machine Trunk Rotations - Oblique Twist

The oblique twist is one of the most wrongly executed exercises in the gym, to help you, implement this method. First, you have to perform this in one direction at a time, so for example, left side first, finish your reps, adjust the machine, then perform on the right side.

1. Pull the pin out underneath the seat, and set the far right, on number 7. Grab the handles and make sure your legs are locked in.​

2. Brace your core, and using your core muscles, NOT YOUR ARMS, pull the weight to the left hand side, then,

3. Slowly return to the start position, the more control the better (No swinging) Once you have completed all your reps,

4. Move the pin to the opposite side, to number 7, then repeat the process. You will have now performed the exercise 10x more effectively.​


You can request a workout routine to perform the above exercises in a way that helps you reach your goals, effeciently, effectively and safely.

You can request a session, to assess where you are at right now, and we can discuss your goals, and what you need to do to make the most out of your time in the gym.

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