Invest in Me - Sam Stocks Coaching

Who I help

I help Women who are trapped where they are now, feel lost with what to do next as they are just not getting the results they want. That could be the result for their body or it could be more than that. Women who are not happy in their work, relationships, how they feel when they play with their kids, I’ve heard so many reasons for needing a change and them needing someone there to support them. The prospect of starting something new is overwhelming because what they have tried in the past has failed. They need simple guidance that is effective and proven.

You can see from my testimonials that you get everything you could ever want from training plus a whole lot more. I’ve trained many people just like you, I know your worries and concerns on some level and have a service that will cater to them. You have found something special here. The start of your journey to being ‘The Super Charged Woman’.


Our coaching has many benefits. Ultimately it comes down to the RESULT you want to achieve.

The Result could be in one of the following areas or across the board:

  • Business/ Work

  • Fun

  • Body/Health/Fitness

  • Family Life/ Key Relationships

  • Mindset/Focus

The Process

The clients we work with come from all sorts of different backgrounds, with varying degrees of aims and outcomes to achieve.

It is important to establish where you are now, exactly what you need, and what you MUST do to achieve your GOALS. 

So we speak with you and take you through a series of questions during a 10 minute call to see if you are a good fit. If you are, we move you on to the next process. Which is clarifying outcomes, establishing the correct package to suit your needs and signing you up. 

The correct package can give you another level of accountability to make sure, you give yourself the best opportunity to succeed.

You can apply for a call by filling in a short application form and I will be in touch within 24 hours. Click the link below to fill in the application form.

Exceptional Service

With our POPULAR coaching packages you will receive:

An assessment of your current strengths and weaknesses so we can program in to your routine suitable exercises that will create lasting change and give you the body you desire. This allows us to keep you in the safest possible environment, allows you to move in a way that cares for your muscles and joints. Allows you to progress at a pace that is unique to you and your current abilities.

We plan your routines for the long term, whilst your initial plan is for 3 months, we actually plan your routine for the whole year, we can see the steps you need to take to keep progressing, seeing your progress every day, you will see that this is a lifestyle change and commitment that you will want to keep. We plan everything step by step and show you this plan at the time it’s needed. We know the next steps in advance to show you what to expect.

WE assess your current food intake, how you approach your food and your current thinking behind it. Why you are where you are at and what you believe is needed. We then guide you through what will be necessary to achieve your goals. Nothing is left uncovered. We help you 100% of the way.

The biggest setback for most people is their beliefs around what they think they can and need to do and the reality, we make you powerful in body and mind to tackle life’s challenges. We have been through the process ourselves and feel it’s our duty to help you achieve the same level of - feeling freaking awesome.