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Is it time to take notice?

Is it time to take notice?

There’s signs all around us to show us something special

Are you spending time to see this?

To take notice?

In a world where you feel you have very little time

Your attention is pulled in many directions

A message the other day came to me

Highlighting the importance of time

The reality is, you do not know how much of it you have.

When you consider that.

Why wait to get the help you need?

What are you PUTTING IT OFF for?

Let’s look at the common signs people are aware of, but rarely take real notice.

Tiredness creeping in more and more, as the days go back

Sleep quality poor

Looking tired, looking aged, looking…well, not at your best

Feeling snappy and angry at “the little things”

Barely having time to eat, then when you do it’s an all-out binge

Maybe you notice your recycling bin is increasingly filling up with more bottles…

Yes these are signs that something MUST change.

Throughout the daily grind, you hardly have time to take notice.

Then one day.

You do.

Maybe your body has given up

You’re off work, ill, and you think “what have I become?

It doesn’t have to be like that

Part of my coaching process helps you in such away that these challenges can be overcome…

They can feel overwhelming at first

IF you focus on a longer process, of who you WANT to become

And look 12 months down the line…

Knowing, one day soon, you will meet your best self

It’s in their

You are TODAY about to choose the right direction, knowing that, DAILY, you have the opportunity to take a step forwards to the new you.


The important part

There are signs all of the time, telling you, advising you, guiding you to do what you know you MUST.

Maybe reading this, you recognise, bloody hell, he’s right.

Time to change.

Well. Get in touch today. Because you don’t know of tomorrow.

But, maybe we can change that too.

All the best

Sam ‘aware’ Stocks

PS. What if you could plan your life in a way that motivates inspires and increases your desire to make change, simple?

There are more ways to work with me...

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