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It Wouldn’t Work!

It wouldn’t work!

The same bloody page again

A white screen with a time stamp on

Another error

The same error

For the 20th time

Nothing was working

My patience was wearing thin

Yesterday I was working on some final pieces of a big project

The last piece of the puzzle as it were

All I needed to do: place some text, pictures and a video on 4 pages of my website

Normally this process would take 30 minutes each...tops

6 hours in. Nothing was working.

The problem wasn’t what I was doing.

It’s what I WASNT doing.

It was a software problem.

Not a “me problem”

I was thinking I must be doing something wrong.

Something in the wrong sequence with my work.

It wasn’t that.

It turns out that day, there was a conflict with two things

A SOFTWARE problem

Once resolved...

All was working fine.

These conflicts can go On in life too.

It’s not you.

It’s your operating system

Somethings out of whack

There’s a conflict

It could be your HORMONAL SYSTEM

it could be your MIND SYSTEM


And once the conflict is understood, a solution identified and then applied

You start to see progress

The Super 12 System allows you to do this effectively, without wasting time thinking you are the problem

Or that you’re waiting for the perfect time.

Now is the time.

Put The Super 12 System to Work for you.

And everything will ‘Operate’ optimally

You’ll feel great

You’ll look great

You’ll BE great

And everyone around you will ask...what have you being doing?

They’ll want some of this action too.

So there you go.

Move away from frustration to function...

Functioning in your best.

When you’ve never accessed your BEST

Is the BEST thing you can do for yourself and those around you.

Have a think about it.

What would life be like for you?

All the best

Sam ‘I got there’ Stocks

Ps. It would have been easy to throw in the towel and decide it wasn’t working. I just needed to look at the problem in a different way. And I found the solution. The tools you apply to your life in The S12 System open up a world of awareness about yourself, more than you ever, even knew. If you decide to jump on board, exciting times are ahead.

Sam Stocks