It’s all on hold up in ‘ere - Sam Stocks Transformation Coaching Newcastle

It’s all on hold up in ‘ere

That’s right

I’ve seen it everywhere

Christmas and New Year

Everyone’s good intentions

Go out the window

For some it’s all of December

With Christmas parties first

Then family get togethers

Christmas Day indulgences

All the sweets and cakes

As well as alcohol

It’s a battle

And most stop exercising on top of all of the extra intake

Which results in weight gain

The crazy thing is

You tend to feel guilty

You go through the same...

Routine year after year

Eat more

Drink more

Move less

And the result is:

Negative self talk

Weight gain

Feeling crawling

Feeling tired and like a slob

The answers are simple really to all this

You just don’t do it

Or you don’t do it consistently enough To see progress

But it is simple

Eat more ->> Eat Less

Drink more ->> Drink Less

Move less ->> Move MORE

You need to be accountable

You need to avoid the quick Fixes

Real results don’t happen in 6 weeks.

Want to change your life and get more from yourself through 2018

Start with a 90 day transformation to kick start it all and build on that progress from there.

All part of the Super 12 program

In it you will learn all the habits and tools to survive any festivities and much much MORE


Sam ‘straight talk’ Stocks

Ps. Don’t get me wrong it’s all about enjoying yourself too. But the good things you do for yourself don’t need to stop.

Sam Stocks